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CHEMO ROUND II Third chemo infusion 10/26/2012

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I did not get a chance to blog about my 2nd chemo infusion 4 weeks ago because I was feeling too tired and my fingers wouldn't work properly. I wasn't able to get the cal/mag infusion that week (one hour infusion of both cal and mag before oxy and one hour of both cal and mag after oxy)because of time restraints.
The difference in side affects is amazing. Without the cal/mag I could not drink cold things for over 12 days, I could not type due to finger and hand spasms. And the cold sensitivity in hands/fingers and feet lasted until just two days before the next infusion.
I will not do without my cal/mag infusions again. While I might grump about the sensitivity and the woe is me over it in my blogs, I am grateful for the lessening of the sensitivity to those side affects from the cal/mag.
Today was an infusion at the new infusion site, I have been through 4 moves of the Dominican OOU, and this is their final home.
Built just for oncology infusions, UPSTAIRS on the second floor (the KATZ cancer resource center is to move in on the bottom floor)it's an open room where everybody can see everybody, and you have little curtains to separate each patient, very crowded feeling in a small space, the new chairs to sit in are very high, I'm 5'7" and my feet don't touch the ground and numb my legs up, they have no table for the nurses to lay all their "goodies" out on, so they use the "guest" chair to lay their stuff on. Nice building, but I don't think well planned out. It was very cold in there as the heater quit working when I went in at 10:00, but by 12:00 the heater expert figured it out and turned the heat on and it was much better.
I went to Monday night History class from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM, was glad to get home, fell asleep just as Jay Leno came on.
Ii went in to OOU at 10:00 AM and was done by 4:30 PM.
Winter Marie

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