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This is hard

My Mother was diagnosed with RCC stage 4 on 12/23/11. She had her left kidney removed 4/2012. Her recovery was fast she was very positive and strong. Had some pain but was given medication to help her. She started sutent end of May, did 2 rounds but it didnot help her at all. She did have side effects like mouth, hand and feet sores, fatigue and lack of apetite. Cancer has spread to Lungs, Vagina and Brain. She was starting a medical trial but had a seizure in 9/2012 and doctors discovered a brain tumor on right side brain. She had the tumor removed. It was very scary we were told that she might not be able to move or use her right side of her body. Thank God everything went "fine". It took a little bit longer then expected but she was good. About 3 months ago the started bleeding from her Vagina. It took us 3 trips to the ER to find out that she has a tumor in her vagina, same cells as kidney cancer. Has anyone has RCC spread to the vagina? She just finished 10 consecutive days of radiation treatments, 10 for the brain and 5 in pelvic area. The bleeding stopped but she still has a liquit coming out. The after effects of radiation are very bad. Mom has no apetite, no energy, sleeps all day, everything smells or tastes bad. She is loosing her hair (Something she always asked about). I think it finally hit her "CANCER". No matter what we say or do she is depressed. Can someone give me advice? Anyone going thru same thing?

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