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Speculation and Inquiry

Thank you for your stories. I am researching ACC in the parotid but also interested in all ACC conditions. I am wanting information on diagnoses with this condition after receiving dental work, also heavy cell phone users, people who eat wild fish and game, tobacco and alcohol abuse, and exposure to gasoline additives. If I find a common denominator I will respond back to this site...arazonie@gmail.com


- What work was done

- How long after work was done did you show symptoms

- Was ACC on the same side of body as dental work procedure

- If you had more than one occurrence of ACC does it show up each time after dental procedures


- Have you eaten deer meat

- Do you fish and eat the fish you caught

- Are your symptoms worse after consuming these meats

- Alcohol and tobacco usage


- Do you live in a rural area

- How long have you lived in a rural area

- If diagnosed with ACC in breast do you carry your cell phone in your breast pocket

- If pancreatic ACC do you carry your cell phone in your jacket pocket or wear on your waist line

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