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Does it ever end been 5yrs

Hi everybody I am now 31 yrs. old . I am a struggling female who was diagnosed at the young age of 27 with papillary carcinoma aka thyroid
Cancer. I was diagnosis end while I was completing a dental assisting program. I was told by my instructors to hide the fact that I was sick from the dentist who was grading me , keep in mind at that point I was having problems with passing out. That was tricky! So I
Carried on had a complete thyroidectomy where they accidentally
Removed two of my parathyroidgland and didn't know,so the whole day after my op I continued to have seizures. My hospital
Stay ended up being almost 2 weeks. 8 months later we found anther lump on the left side of my neck where did performed a partial neck dissection. Last Feb my endo said I had elevated levels and my whole thyroid bed is full of nodules
I have done thy roger more times then I can count and just did it again FOR THE 2nd time in 9 months and I have a hard nodule under my jaw and another one on the left side of my neck. I go for an ultra sound Nov 22 and follow up Dec 12. I can honestly say I'm not doing so well mentally. Is there an end to this madness. All I want is to have a child and some good health.

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