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Wife of a recently diagnosed Cholangiocarcinoma young man

My husband received his diagnosis papers less than a week ago, and nothing but heavens know what a terrible week it has been, every single day was an extended nightmare with the cancer already infiltrating liver and lungs.
We were told to stay home and not put him through the pain of chemo, but he wants to live, so we're going abroad for treatment and hoping that all the prayers and good wishes of family and friends will add his name to this network for many years to come as a survivor


I know this reply is late, but in case anyone else sees it, you may have absolutely NO PAIN with chemo.  I hate that this doctor said this.  Always get second opinions from the best of the best.  Keep going until you get one that gives you a chance.  Miracles happen all the time.  All the time.  They did for me.  I'm a 4.5 year survivor.  


I had Gemzar/Cisplatin.  No problem!!


I've had oral Xeloda twice.  I did have pain on hands and feet but I failed to emphasize that to my oncologist.  He lowered the dose and no pain. 


I pray that you got some good help.  You don't have to go to Europe to seek what many Europeans seek here.  We have some great facilities.  Some are more knowledgeable with rare cancers than others for sure.

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