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Specks - Crappie - Sac-a-Lait ~ The After

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They can mess up a skillet real good.... Thrown on a plate with a big scoop of Cheese Grits, and it's a meal hard to beat.

Caught these in Lake Kissimmee 10NOV2012...

It won't be long until some of you are in the having your taste and saliva again...

Here is a teaser at what some of you are fighting for...



Looks good to me!


VickiSam's picture

Making fish so appealing to the masses!

Vicki Sam

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Holy cow ....cheese grits ....do you know the odd looks we get here in Idaho when my wife (who by the way is from South Georgia / North Florida) asks people "have you ever tried cheese grits"? ....it quite funny. And of course she has the "south Georgiia twang" ....very badly.

Looks deilicious John.....looks delicious.


Skiffin16's picture

LOL, a southern girl...

I'm from Ohio, but lived here since the late 70's...

Always funny when some from up north comes down and we're out for breakfast.

If asked if they want grits...standard reply is, "what's a grit"...


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This is a post on 12-24-12 @6:03 pm PST, just to see how it does.  The site is working better.



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Lost some of the photos in my expressions though...

They show up as the thumb nails, but not the big photo when you open the original post.


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