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Island Time...

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Island Time ~ St. George Island

Happy Howlllloween Survivors and Survivors to be...



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Is it warm there? That's the part I'd be looking for the most....the beauty of it all would depend on it....LOLOLOL...


Ditto1 and I will have to take a trip to your little slice of paradise! We visit Ft Myers a couple of times a year and stay out on Captiva. Love the Sanibel area. We will have to put St George Island on our list for next year!

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Now get off the computer and get out there and enjoy it..........

Hey guys,
Hope you're having a blast ! Have a cold beer (NO oysters !) for me ! Katie

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Looks like you are in my part of the country!

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Where are you located Medi...


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Tallahassee. I have spent plenty of time down at St. George; In the early '80s I got hit by a sting-ray down there (ouch!) I am still looking for him! LOL
Hope you are having (or had) a wonderful time!

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Fan, I presume...

Nice city, I've only driven through it, but one of the few places in Florida witha few hills..., Gainesville being another.

Yep, gotta do that StingRay Shuffle when playing in their yard.


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even tho -- the stingray shuffle is something I don't know how to do. I can always learn, right?

So happy you had the opportunity to get away --

Vicki Sam

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Hey girl,

I'll be out in your neck of the woods this coming February.

My son is getting married, he lives in Venice Beach.

Maybe we can get together for lunch or a coffe or something.


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