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Chemo Round II 10/15/2012

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Just tired today, got up went to Math class, came home, laid around most of the day. Had watermelon, so good. Just tired!! Went to the bathroom today, whoo hooo, nothing like excitement being able to poop.


Hi. Ive been reading the expressions gallery today. When I read that you had watermelon it reminded me of the days of my own chemo when watermelon (room temp) was the only thing I could eat. My mother who was helping me would faithfully everyday make that I had chunks of room temperature watermelon waiting. I hope you have a good day today. I dont know what I would have done without my mom and dad. I have a husband but he had no idea....

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Plus, on the added side, it helps with the keeping hydrated and out of the hospital due to dehydration. I don't know what made me crave watermelon, but that's truly all I wanted!!!
Yea, for mom's and dad's!!
Winter Marie

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