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Did I Hear That Right...

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You want me to do what.....LOL.

Hospital humor with my wife during one visit...

We are usually the two that they rush through recovery, trying to get rid of us as soon as possible, LOL.



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Prayers for a speedy recovery so you can get on with fishing and posting delicious seafood meals!

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LOL, thanks...that was just a photo from the past, not recently.

But they did knod of shuffle us out the door rather quickly...

I think I was scaring the other patients.


before a diagnosis. Double vision is making me keep one eye closed, wonky smile thanks to neck disection.

I thought that you would enjoy this post.

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LOL...sorry about that, hopefully that will improve, or they can help you out.

Hey there,
You know those darn gowns never change do they ? With your humor they wanted to rush you out the door ? LOL...it's great you share with all of us and keep us on our toes. Thanks John ! Katie

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Hmmmm, maybe that had something to do with it....

It did seem a little breezy from the rear when I was walking around the cafeteria and down the hall to the main gift shop, LOL...

I guess I should have put my UnderRoos back on.


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