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Skyway Grouper...

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Skyway Grouper...


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Nice fish..."again"! You and my husband and sons would get along GREAT! Fishing is all we do. Enjoy!....Sue

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I go nearly every week-end.....

That is, if I get my chores done during the week, LOL....

I have three girls that I need to take care of first, besides working full time that is..

My wife which is making sure the pool is good to go. And our two chocolate lab girls..they are sisters (the labs, LOL)....

I need to make sure the yard is taken care of.... Being girls, if the grass gets too long, apparently it touches places they don't want touched... So they either try to skirt the edges of the yard, or go in my neighbors.

Cute avatar you have there....., you don't look a day over two, LOL...


Hello John !
I live in Minnesota, and do alot of fishing.....but holy cow what kind of fish is that ? A walleye and catfish I know...lol ! Very nice catch ! Katie

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