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Cancer Benefits

Being diagnosed with cancer is one of the most difficult things that my aunt has ever faced. When she found out that she had been diagnosed with lung cancer, she began to ponder, "why?". She had never smoked, ate a healthy diet filled with all the "superfoods" that magazines swear can cut cancer risks, and exercised daily. We do not even have a long history of cancer in our family. We began to wonder if external, environmental factors were to blame. She knows that cancer does not discriminate, but she wanted some answers. We did a little research online and she connected the dots to her exposure to Uranium from living "downwind" from a nuclear testing site in Nevada back when she was a youth living with her parents. She did further research and discovered that she qualified for a claim (not a lawsuit) to collect benefits from her diagnosis. I am blogging about this in hopes to educate people and inform them that if they think cancer was diagnosed based on a similar situation they should visit: www.cancerbenefits.com. Visiting this site gave my aunt some much needed clarity and peace of mind. Although it has not cured her cancer, it has helped eliminate and alleviate some of the stresses caused by piling medical bills. Hope this helps someone else!

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