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HootieGirl's picture

This is the tattoo I got! It says "Survivor" in cursive on my wrist!


Jean 0609's picture

Keep on fighting girl!!!


aysemari's picture

You gave the word survivor more meaning.

I love you.


Different Ballgame's picture


This is one of the prettiest tattoos that I have ever seen.

Lots of Hugs,

Clementine_P's picture

Kat, this tattoo was made for you not the other way around. You exemplify what being a survivor means.

VickiSam's picture

My thoughts, and prayers will be for you and your remission.

Vicki Sam

tufi000's picture

You go girl!

debi.18's picture

I love it!!

Bella Luna's picture

Absolutely right on that one! You are, indeed, a Survivor!

Love you,

sea60's picture

Love it!

RE's picture

Kat it is beautiful because it is on a person who truly understands the meaning of the word! You keep fighting and we will keep praying and being here for you!



DuFfY 67_98_12's picture

You are a survivor no matter what the future holds. Such a profile for one so young. I am in awe! You are older than your years here on earth. From everything I.ve read on your page and messages to you you've helped alot of people and are others Hero. My prayers are right beside you. You will be included always in my prayer group. Don't forget the man who invented the word miracle. There is always hope for you.

Just wanted to say that you are truly inspirational. My 19 year old daughter was diagnosed with a phyllodes tumour 6 weeks ago. It was initially classed as malignant and on 2nd opinion borderline malignant. She's had 1cm margins taken which were clear and we are currently waiting for her follow up appointment (3 months). It is a very scary time!

You really are an amazing, beautiful person and I'm loving the tattoo! A true survivor!!

With love from the UK xxxxx

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