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Top 10 Cancer-Combating Superfoods

Today with the ever growing number of people getting cancer and dying from cancer, there is a growing trend of modifying lifestyles in the direction of eating more healthy and being more health conscious. People are interested in what they can eat daily in their food that would help both in preventing and fighting cancer. I did my research homework and listed below what I consider top superfoods for defeating cancer.

#1 Garlic

Believe it or not, garlic contains sulfides which is a key for supercharging your immune cells; then your supercharged immune cells can more effectively combat cancer. In addition, garlic is able to block carcinogens and delay tumor development.

#2 Figs

Japanese researchers have recently uncovered a little known ingredient found in figs called benzaldehyde which is able to reduce tumors.

#3 Carrots

Carrots contain an abundance of beta carotene which is highly effective in fighting a broad range of cancers such as bladder, lung, stomach, breast, and prostate cancer.

#4 Red Grapes

Red grapes are well known for their bio-flavonoids which are extremely powerful in preventing cancer. In addition, red grapes can close down the valve that frees cancer producing enzymes.

#5 Tomatoes

Tomatoes do a fantastic job at attacking free radicals and repairing any cellular damage.

#6 Mushrooms

Mushrooms have the ability to catch multiplying cancer cells with a key ingredient called lectin.

#7 Teas

Teas are great in preventing cancer cells from producing new baby cancerous cells.

#8 Nuts

Nuts are wonderful in suppressing cancer formation. In particular, the Brazil nut has extra selenium which may combat prostate cancer.

#9 Chili Peppers

Chili peppers are highly dangerous against cancer-causing substances.

#10 Cactus Pear

The Cactus Pear has the ability to fight ovarian, cervical as well as bladder cancer cells.

Now you have 10 superfoods that you can consume daily in order to prevent and combat cancer.


Proper Oral Care has also been found to prevent and fight cancer.


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