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HNC Superthread. A Collection of Links With Answers to Frequently Asked Questions. *Excellent For People New to CSN HNC Board.*

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**THIS THREAD IS UPDATED AT LEAST EVERY SUNDAY.   I WILL ALWAYS KEEP IT ON THE FIRST PAGE.  THANK YOU FOR NOT POSTING TO IT** HNC Superthread. A COLLECTION OF HELPFUL LINKS ONLY. Help for some Frequently Asked Questions.    Head and Neck Superthread.  ***PLEASE DO NOT POST OR ADD TO  THIS THREAD****   There is a separate thread for any commentary about this one.   I would like this one to be just a place for people to get information only.    Thank you all.    You can always PM me if you have something you think should be included here.   MAKING SENSE OF YOUR DIAGNOSIS ------------------------------------------------------- ORAL CANCER FOUNDATION Has tons of info for HNC patients from what to expect thru treatment, side effects, after care and support.  NAVIGATING CANCER. HEAD AND NECK CANCER CANCER SUPPORT. GILDA's CLUB HEAD AND NECK CANCER QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS SUPPORT FOR PEOPLE WITH ORAL AND HEAD AND NECK CANCER HEAD AND NECK CANCER SITE MICHAEL DOUGLASS WAS ENDORSING I JUST FOUND OUT I HAVE CANCER HOW LONG WE HAVE SURVIVED YOU ARE NOT ALONE. ON ANY GIVEN DAY... RADIATION SIDE EFFECTS: -------------------------------------- ESOPHAGEAL STRICTURES Strictures can be a side effect with radiation. Sometimes dialations can remedy this severe side effect.  SIDE EFFECTS OF RADIATION LIST DYSPHAGIA PROBLEMS SWALLOWING ORAL HEALTH SIDE EFFECTS OF RADIATION FOR HNC GUIDELINES DURING TREAMENT SHOULD I DO RADIATION AND/OR CHEMO? ------------------------------------------ POST OPERATIVE RADIOSENSITIVITY IN PATIENTS WITH FANCONI ANEMIA AND HEAD AND NECK SQUAMOUS CELL CARCINOMA TO RADIATE OR NOT RADIATE that is the question IF THEY CANNOT FIND THE PRIMARY TUMOR DO WE RADIATE? TIPS FOR HANDLING THE MASK: ----------------------------------------------- SURVIVING THE MASK RADIATION MASK ADVICE FIRST DAY OF RADIATION TIPS PRODUCTS AND TIPS THAT HELP SIDE EFFECTS: --------------------------------------------------- THE ESSENTIAL KIT FOR HNC PATIENTS DURING TREATMENT GLUTAMINE ARTICLE ON BENEFITS OF GLUTAMINE ABOUT MAGIC MOUTH WASH or MAGIC SWIZZLE FOR MOUTH PAIN STRETCHING AND NECK MASSAGE INSTRUCTIONS GLUTAMINE ARTICLE ABOUT GLUTAMINE AND THE PREVENTION OF MUCOUSITIS IN BMT PATIENTS NESTLÉ CANCER NUTRITION PRODUCTS NEW AND ABOUT TO START RADIATION RAPIALEX WORKS TO SOOTH AND PREVENT RADIATION BURN SWALLOWING EXERCISES NATIONAL LYMPHADEMA NETWORK DRUG SIDE EFFECT WARNING FENTANYL PATCHES AND HOT SHOWERS, HEATING PADS OR ELECTRIC BLANKETS ARE A DEADLY COMBINATION Fentanyl can be a Godsend for pain control, but you need to be aware of this.  PRODUCTS TO HELP SOOTHE DRY MOUTH -------------------------------------------------------------- BIOTÈNE PRODUCTS GC  DRY MOUTH GEL OASIS DRY MOUTH PRODUCTS STOPPERS 4 CO BIGELOW LIP BALM moisturizes lips and keeps mouth moister TOOTHETTE ORAL MOUTH MOISTURIZER. Nurses in radiology oncology gave me packs with this in it.  Also contained a rinse and sponges on a stick to brush with when a toothbrush was too painful. To PEG or NOT to PEG that is the question: ------------------------------------------------------- PEG TUBE NEED TIPS GETTING OFF THE PEG TUBE SKIN CARE AROUND THE PEG TUBE THOUGHTS ON GLUTAMINE, AMIFOSTINE, AND PEG ASK THE EXPERTS.  SHOULD MY HUSBAND GET A PEG TUBE? GUIDANCE DOCUMENT FOR PROPHYLACTIC GASTRO FEEDING TUBES FOR HNC PATIENTS EXPLAINATION OF PEG TUBE PLACEMENT. EXACTLY HOW PROCEEDURE IS DONE MALNUTRITION PLAYS A KEY ROLL IN MORBIDITY FOR HNC PATIENTS SIDE EFFECTS FROM HNC CHEMOTHERAPY AND RADIATION. Malnutrition and nutrition.   ACTUAL PEG TUBE PHOTOS: ------------------------------------------------------ PHOTO OF MIC-Key BUTTON The above is a great option if you can get it.  No long hose attached and lays flat under clothing.  Very comfortable.  PHOTO OF A PEG TUBE MIC-KEY BUTTON LOW PROFILE FEED TUBE Kimberly Clark Site NUTRITION / HEALTHY EATING / LIQUID NUTRITION TIPS: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- HOW TO START EATING AGAIN.  Lots of soft food ideas and links to many recipes. EASY TO SWALLOW RECIPES TRACKING CALORIES AND NUTRIENTS WITH SUPERTRACKER CONTAINS ADVENTURE BOB's TUBE FOOD RECIPE LUCY's REAL FOOD. How to make real food for tube feeding instead of using canned LIVESTRONG nutritional guidelines for HNC Livestrong has become a great resource for great articles on nutrition and healthy lifestyle.  BEST WEIGHT GAINING DRINKS These are good tips and recipes if you can only manage liquids.  THE 30 HEALTHIEST FOODS HEALTH BENEFITS OF VEGETABLE JUICE JUICER RECIPES JUICER REVIEWS DR OZ  GREEN SMOOTHIE SMOOTHIES EASY TO SWALLOW COOKBOOK HOW TO ADD WHOLE GRAINS TO YOUR DIET EASY SLOW COOKER VEGETARIAN DISHES WHITE WHOLE WHEAT BENEFITS OF FLAXSEED CANCER FIGHTING FOODS ADVANTAGES OF EATING ORGANIC FOODS JAMIE OLIVER VEGETARIAN RECIPES HOW TO EAT HEALTHY ON A LOW BUDGET An article on ask dr sears . com called THE ANTI CANCER DIET WHAT SHOULD YOU EAT?  A BETTER FOOD PYRAMID VITAMIX  Emulsifier Blender. It is my understanding they will give a discount for cancer patients. HEALTHMASTER EMULSIFIER WHAT IF I CANNOT WORK?: ----------------------------------------- DISABILITY GUIDE HNC COMPASSIONATE ALLOWANCE DISABILITY AND WORKING GETTING PAID? SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY CANCER AND THE WORK PLACE: ------------------------------------------------------- Questions and Answers About Cancer in the Workplace and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Enforcement Guidance: Reasonable Accommodation and Undue Hardship Under the Americans with Disabilities Act INSURANCE ISSUES -------------------------------------------------------------- PRE-EXISTING CONDITION INSURANCE PROGRAM   CHEMOTHERAPY: ------------------------ CHEMOTHERAPY SIDE EFFECTS SHEET The above link is from The National Cancer Institute.  This series of chemotherapy side effects sheets has medical advice and practical tips to help you during chemotherapy. Learn about self-care, medical problems to call your doctor about, and questions to ask your doctor. NUTRITION DURING CHEMO COOKING FOR A CHEMO PATIENT NECK DISSECTIONS: ----------------------------- CLASSIFICATION OF NECK DISSECTIONS NECK DISSECTION PATIENT INFORMATION The above answers tons of questions about neck dissections.  IMRT RADIATION: ------------------------ LESS  XEROSTOMA WITH IMRT RADIATION WITH HEAD AND NECK CANCER OVER VIEW OF IMRT RADIATION THE ROLE OF IMRT IN HEAD AND NECK CANCER (PDF) CYBERKNIFE INFORMATION ----------------------------------------------------------- CYBERKNIFE DOCUMENT. CyberKnife offers alternative in head and neck cancer. CYBERKNIFE. What we treat. CYBERKNIFE  FAQ Da VINCI SURGERY: --------------------------- DaVINCI SURGERY HEAD AND NECK HPV AND HEAD AND NECK CANCER: ------------------------------------------------- HPV INFORMATION VACCINATING BOYS WITH GARDASIL A PDF of HPV AND HEAD AND NECK CANCER INFORMATION ABOUT GARDASIL BEST US HOSPITALS: -------------------- US NEWS BEST HOSPITAL RANKINGS TUMOR STAGING: ------------------ EXPLANATION OF HNC TUMOR STAGING pdf (long) THREAD ON TUMOR STAGING HNC TUMOR STAGING smaller article DENTAL ISSUES AFTER RADIATION FOR HNC: ----------------------------------------- Osteoradionecrosis of the Mandible Talks about ORN and whether HBOT work when having to extract teeth after radiation.  Some pictures, you may not want to see if you are squeamish.  IMPORTANCE OF A DENTAL APPROACH IN HNC THERAPY RADIATION THERAPY AND ORAL CARE Tooth removed today POST radiation MUCOEPIDERMOID  CARCINOMA: ------------------------------------------------------------------- THREADS FOR MUCOEPIDERMOID CARCINOMA (MEC) CONTRIBUTIONS FROM OTHER CSN MEMBERS: -------------------------------------------------- RADIATION VIDEO " target="_blank">TORS VIDEO ABOVE TWO ARE ACTUAL VIDEOS SUBMITTED BY HUSKER FAN. RADIATION AND TORS HEAD AND NECK CANCER KIT. adventurebob's thread on the kit that every HNC patient could use. Where in the World Are You Map of CSN members made by John G A LIST OF QUESTIONS THAT YOU CAN TAKE TO YOUR DOCTOR BY DADDISGIRL Dennis K7BV Cancer: Uncensored. This is a member's personal blog about his base of tongue throat cancer journey.  (I've not read it yet.) SCIENCE BASED MEDICINE Contributed by Hal61 SCAMBUSTER's ALTERNATIVE CANCER TREATMENT WEBSITE LIST OF ACID AND ALKALINE FORMING FOODS. Link provided by Scambuster WIFEFORLIFE's HUSBAND RECOMMENDS THIS JUICE+ SUPPLEMENT WEBSITE FULL OF HELPFUL LINKS FOR HNC: ------------------------------------------- A WEBSITE OF A LIST OF "THE BEST HEAD AND NECK CANCER WEBSITES" HOW TO SEND A PRIVATE MESSAGE ---------------------------------------------------------------- To do a private message, just look at the upper left hand corner of this page. Under the first burgundy colored tab labeled CSN, the sixth item down says CSN EMAIL. click on that. Then on the bottom click on WRITE A NEW MESSAGE. From there you must fill in the person's screen name exactly as it appears. If you have added them as a friend, you can use the MY FRIENDS button to scroll through and select the person. You must enter in a subject, and then you can just type your message and hit SEND PRIVATE MESSAGE. GLOSSARY OF SOME TERMS ---------------------------------------------------------------- Definitions of commonly used abbreviations and terms.  We all use abbreviations here and new-comers sometimes have a hard time understanding them.  SCC - Squamous Cell Carcinoma Dx - Diagnosis Rx - Prescription Tx - Therapy? Treatment? BOT - Base of tongue PEG - Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy aka feeding tube HPV - Human papillomavirus rad - radiation ENT - Ear, nose, throat Doctor aka Otolaryngologist Glossectomy - Removal of tongue Metastasis - (mets) Spreading of the cancer XRT - Conventional external beam radiation therapy aka EBT IMRT - Intensity modulated radiation therapy PET - Positron emission tomography scan CT/CAT - Co-axial tomography scan EBT - External beam radiation therapy aka XRT OCF - Oral Cancer Foundation NED- No Evidence of Disease  HBO - Hyper-baric oxygen Patient given oxygen under pressure prior to dental surgery. Stage - Development of the cancer TNM - System for describing the cancer (tumor, nodes, mets) Margins - Refers to the margins of biopsied tissue; clean margins indicate that all the visible cancerous cells were removed. Biopsy - Removal of sample or whole of suspect tissue Xerostomia - Dry mouth resulting from reduced or absent saliva flow RO - Radiological oncologist MO - Medical oncologist DO - Dental oncologist Tumor Board- team of doctors that meet to discuss your treatment. Some hospitals have these teams.  Made up with ENT, Radiologist Oncologist, Hemotologist Oncologist, Dentist, gastroenterologist, nutritionist... (for search purposes: Superthread Superthread Superthread  Superthread Superthread   Superthread Superthread Superthread Superthread Superthread Superthread Superthread ) **THIS THREAD IS UPDATED AT LEAST EVERY SUNDAY.   I WILL ALWAYS KEEP IT ON THE FIRST PAGE.  THANK YOU FOR NOT POSTING TO IT**

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