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Triple Neg Breast cancer

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I found out 1/4/11 that I had breast cancer. On 1/14/11 I choose to have a lumpectomy since it was only 1 small cell much to my suprise I had 21 lymph nods removed 2 were positive. I am now faced with the decision do I have more margin taken out while I have a port put in or do I choose to have a mastectomy? So much to think about


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Hi! I was diagnosed 02/01/2010, had a mastectomy, 40 lymph nodes removed 11 days later. I'm in the last stage of breast reconstruction (expansion). I'm sure you will get tons of advice. There is so much knowledge and information out there now. Thank goodness we live in a time where we do have choices. I hope everything goes well with you. God is wonderful.He will lead you.

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thanks for info I am really considering mastectomy but will be down the road after chemo let the games begin =:)

Same dx 7/10. Had chemo first, then double mastectomy with lymph nodes on right side. Had known that cancer was in 2 lymph nodes, but ended up in 7 of 15. Complete mastectomy was at the urging of oncologist and surgeon. I'm now having radiation. Good luck to you!

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