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How soon after taking Chemo do you lose your hair?

I start my chemo next week. It will be 4 treatments, texitere/cytoxin ...3 weeks apart and then 6 weeks of radiation. It was such a shock when I was first diagnosed with breast cancer but I now am very optimistic about my future and just ready to get the chemo started. It seems my greatest fear is the hair loss. Just wondering how soon after the first treatment that you start losing the hair. I know that it is different with everyone. I would appreciate so much any input that anyone can share with me what to expect with the side effects. I go to a chemo-training class tomorrow and I know they will answer a lot of my questions. I'm learning more than ever before to take it "One Day at a Time" .. trusting the Lord every step of the way!


My sons hair got very thin, but never lost all of it. He did however choose to shave his head. It has now grown back just like it was before. Good luck to you.

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I had the same 2 chemo drugs. My onc told me that I would lose my hair by my second treatment. I did start losing it 14 days after my first, but never completely lost all of it. Had a few bare spots and thin spots. I got my hair cut really short before my first treatment and kept getting it shorter. Near the end when I realized it wasn't all coming out, I got a buzz cut just so it would all be even. HOWEVER, everyone is different and a lot of people go completely bald. Good luck to you. Jean

I had chemo/mastectomy/radiation 2007-2008. I have a lot of funny things to say, trying to make you laugh -( Hope I don't offend). Well, after all the treatments that I mentioned, I told myself I felt like a bbq'd rib: I was tenderized on the inside and toasted to a light crisp on the outside. The year after my mastectomy, I was mopping my kitchen floor and I had an experience that is really funny. I only had 2 special bras to use and I was washing them so I was wearing a regular bra for my "falsie". I had leaned over to hand squeeze my mop when I felt something slide down thru the top of my blouse. I caught this rubber thing halfway before it went into the lysol bucket. I was laughing so hard that my husband came in to see what was going on. I had it in my mind that if it had fallen into the bucket, I would have gone back to work smelling like lysol and people would have said what smells like Lysol...good thing it didn't happen. Also after my mastectomy I had a 2year old grandson that when he saw me in the rocking chair he would immediately run to get in my lap for some rocking time. I wasn't wearing my "falsie". He placed his head on my right side and "slammed" into my rib cage. He lifted his head, gave me this funny look like "where's my pillow?" and just leaned over onto the other side of chest and shortly after he fell asleep. ..God will get you through , just let him drive!

Mine started to fall oout about 19 days after my 1st treatment. I thought it woild really bother me but it hasn't. I have a wig and bandanas. I had thick shoulder lentgh hair and gut it cut really short before my haor stared falling and I wouldn't be as bothered by it . That helped me a lot.

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