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Osteo sarcoma

I was diagnosed in April, 2010 with osteo sarcoma. I'm 57 years old and female and should never get this cancer. It is a child hood cancer. I went through chemo, then surgery where they removed the tumor from my jaw and took my sinus with it. They left it open and I had a prothesis made that I wear in my mouth that allows me to talk, eat and drink. I take it out to clean my mouth and it makes it easy for the surgeon to see if the tumor is growing back. Then I had 5 weeks of radiation which was visiting hell.

I had a CT and PET scan in November and I was given the "cancer free" diagnosis except there was lympth nodes the looked like they were uptaking the FDG. I was told not worry, it was not cancer and just to see a lung doctor. I may be getting sick. I'm waiting for a referral for a lung doctor right now.

I go through depressions that really take me down. I'm back to work and that takes up some of my time, but when I go home, I just want to sleep. Everyone is worried about me and I'm worried about myself. I'm told it takes time....

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