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Feeling during Chemotherapy Treatment

Before we get to the actual feeling of a patient during his treatment via chemotherapy, let’s understand the actual meaning for chemotherapy.

Chemotherapy is a process of treating a patient suffering from cancer by using chemicals to kills micro organism or cancerous cells in the affected area.

Different mood swings can be experienced during or after one or various types chemotherapy is administered on a patient.

Let’s have an overview of feelings a patient undergoes while undergoing chemotherapy.

Since a cocktail of chemicals are going in side the body of the patient, most of the sufferers do not feel like eating at all. throwing up or vomiting, feeling nervous, increased bowel movement, weight loss or gain, becomes a daily phenomenon!

Feeling at the time of eating food- Most of the patients feel suffocated or vomiting at the sight of food or even a thought, image of the same can make them nervous.

Feeling nervous- People during the course of chemo feels nostalgic and feels nervous and loose confidence in things once they were really proud of. It happens because of taking in various kinds of chemotherapy pills.

Increased bowel movement- Indigestion leading to increased bowel movement due to heavy flow of chemicals in the blood tissues instigate the stomach to not digest the eaten food. That’s why, under chemotherapy, people are advised against eating whole based food less and supplement the same with liquid based food or drinks except for citrus fruits as they are bad for stomach and the taste of the mouth.

Weight loss or weight gain- People also gain weight and also gain weight since either they are not able to eat more as required or eat more than what is required.

Other cases- Hair loss, weakness, fatigue, mood swings, etc are other experiences one undergoes during the course of chemotherapy.


Since it becomes clear that people faces diverse set of activities during chemotherapy, its important to take special care of these chemo patients and support them so that they are able to bounce back to the basics of life!

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