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first blog... where do I start?

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I read some of these folks stories, and I just get pissed at myself. ok, here's my story....

After a couple years of chronic "swollen glands" from what I thought was my long term relationship with sinusitis, I was sent to an ENT who said my submandibular salivary gland had to be removed. The initial thought was that it was maybe clogged with calcifications or something. He did a fine needle biopsy in the office and sent it off. It came back negative. No big deal. Surgery, and I'd be back to work in a little over a week.... Surgery was 9/30/09. I was told to expect the pathology back in a couple days. Well, I finally called the doctor on October 8th first thing. He called the lab and called me right back and asked how soon I could be in his office. Sheesh, talk about a kick in the pants.... That week began all the scans I'm sure everyone else has been through. Darn that MRI was a nasty thing. Nothing like trying to pick tunes out of the noise. I did manage to hear the Beatles, "Helter Skelter" in one of the patterns. Yeah, music is what I hide behind. It's my saving grace, too. I was referred to my oncologist, and radiation began right before Thanksgiving. My mask still sits in my bedroom. I'm trying to decide what to do with her.... I was lucky in that I didn't ever get mucousitis. My tongue was burned and thick. I had bad burns on my neck and the back of my shoulder. BUT I worked through it all. Not full time, or in the office, mind you, but I worked. A couple hours a day. It helped. I live alone in a townhouse community, so when it snowed and snowed and snowed, I did some of the shoveling. One neighbor helped some, and my adult daughter came and helped when she could. Through it all, I drove myself to treatments, I did my own laundry, cooking, cleaning and shopping. It wasn't always easy, but I did it. I'll always be proud of the fact that I took care of myself. Treatments finished on January 19. The next 2 weeks I felt awful, but started to gradually heal. Physically, I guess. I'm still exhausted. I'm still emotional. I guess it's to be expected. It doesn't make it any easier, though. I'm back to eating like before, so that's good. I work, play with my 2 dogs, and rest. That's pretty much the extent of it for now. I do get to go to chorus rehearsals most weeks. There are some weeks I'm just too tired, though. How long will I be a lump???? I'm used to being busy, and I can't be busy now. I tried one week. The next week I had an intestinal virus. Probably coincidence, but I don't like taking chances. I'm really glad Spring is here.

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