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MALT Lymphoma of Right Eye Orbit

I have Non Hodgkins Extranodal Zone B MALT Lymphoma, stage 1AE of the right retro orbit. Have undergone 25 radiotherapy treatments, no chemotherapy scheduled. Last MRI showed tumour mildly improved seven months after treatment. Also have a "nodule" on my 5th cranial nerve which is being monitored. The radiotherapy caused rebound damage to my vestibular system (balance system) and I now require a wheeled walker and/or cane to walk. Impact to balance occurred on 2nd RT treatment. Since August 2009 have been going to vestibular physical therapy twice a week to retrain my body to balance. Very slow progress. I lost all eyelash and eyebrow hair on and around right eye which are now growing back however thinner than before. Right eye is very dry and I use artifical tears and ophthalmic gel anywhere from 4 to 8 times a day. My eye is extremely light sensitive and I wear wrap around sunglasses over my prescription glasses which are needed for reading and distance. Fluorescent lighting is especially bad so I wear the sunglasses even indoors. When all of this started in March 2008, a doctor at a walk-in clinic thought I had a sinus infection and gave me different antibiotics for 3 months.

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