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Induced coma.

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They put me in an induced coma for two weeks to reduce the swelling in my brain..


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Nicole they had to do this to my daughter Nicole' a week after she gave birth to her Kylie . She had grand maul seizures and we never did find out why . I'm so sorry your parents had to go through this hell . And for the confussion you must have felt when you were brought out of it . * Hey I like your animal print blanket ;) Glad we met . Your a very tough young lady ! And pretty I might add :)

Vulgarism's picture

Aw, another Nicole getting put under? What a shame. I suppose the reason I was told they had put me in a coma was to reduce the swelling in my brain because of all the pressure from the tumors, this was before they did brain surgery. The blanket was from home, I'm guessing my mom put it there. Same with the little dog! Lol. It was my favorite toy when I was little.

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