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Multiple Myeloma survivor

Hello ~

I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma (cancer of the bone marrow, bone and blood related) in July 2003. I feel like I was misdiagnosed, as I hurt my back at the end of February 2003, had x-rays done and was subsequently told that I merely pulled muscles in my back. After 5 months however, I started getting very ill. It suggested that I go to the Rothman Institute, part of Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia, PA. In one day, after receiving x-rays and an MRI, I was told I had a broken back (at the L-1 vertebrae), then shortly after that, was told I had MM cancer. It was very scary. I became very week, had hospital stay and started chemotherapy regimens VAD, Cytoxin and then I had 10 million stem cells collected in about 5 hours at the Red Cross facility in Philadelphia. I received my first stem-cell transplant on 4/18/2004, along with the chemotherapy Melphalan. I was really "out of it" and had never been so sick in all my life. I guess I should just be glad I survived the SCT. I was then advised by my stem-cell oncologist the regimen at that time was to receive a second SCT 6 months after the first. On 10/28/2004, I received my second SCT. Instead of being in Jefferson Hospital 21 days, I was "only" in the hospital 16 days. In February 2006, my blood work numbers were "way off" and started (immediately, on that day), Velcade. This chemotherapy worked for 2 months, then I became very ill and ended up in a local hospital for 2 weeks with many infections. Then, in May 2007, I started on Revlimid, which I have been on for 28 months. You need to remember these chemotherapies adversely affect the immune system. Two weeks ago, I was dealing with a fever for 3 weeks. My primary (family) doctor put me in the hospital for a week, but the doctors could not seem to get my temperature down. Finally, after taking Procrit (to increase red blood cell counts) and Neulasta (to increase white blood cell counts), my temperature finally went back to normal. After being "off" Revlimid for a month, I will resume taking this chemotherapy next week. Do you have Multiple Myeloma? I have signed up for the "Cancer Buddy Program" at Jefferson Hospital, Philadelphia, PA. Please feel free to contact me at my email address at: michael_kuhn2001@yahoo.com . I originally came to this site researching sexuality and disability, in my case, dealing with cancer and the loss of libido. (MICHAEL KUHN, Camden, NJ, (9/27/2009)

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