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Thyriod cancer

I had my Thyriod taken out in Noveber 2007. I had cancer on both sides. Its now August and I am still having issues with my Thyriod. I have my scan comming up the first week of September, I hope all goes well.


Hello shorty. How are you? Last we emailed I was having a cyst removed. Low and behold one more cancer. This was a Bartholin Gland cyst they call it a Vulvar cancer. Type, Squamus Cell Carcinoma. Strange the two arent related as they both came visual the same exact day.
I am actually writting you from the Dominican Republic today as my wonderful husband swept us all away before I start treatment for this cancer.
I was to repeat the uptake in April however, with the chemo/radiation it was pushed back 6 months.
Please write and tell me how you are doing and how work is?

I'm continuing to loose my hair its going on 3 months its really thin can anyone offer any advise. I take Synthyroid 150mg. Thanks for listening.Wendy

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