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New Survivor of Stage 3C Ovarian Cancer

I was diagnosed with Stage 3C ovarian cancer in December, 2002. When they did the exploratory laporotomy they found that the cancer cells were all over my abdomen and other organs piled up like snowflakes. They managed to remove the omentum and left ovary for pathological diagnosis at that time. I began an agressive regimen of chemo that included Taxol, carboplatin, and every other time Doxil. ( I am in an on going study of the use of Doxil at the first occurence of ovarian cancer). After 4 rounds of the chemo each three weeks apart they were able to do surgery again in April, 2003. At that time they did a total hysterectomy and removed the right ovary. Then I underwent another 4 rounds of the chemo; and received my last treatment on July 28, 2003. Since then my CA 125 has stayed at 4 or 5 consistently. As of July 28, 2008 with no sign of recurrence, I became an official survivor.

Now I am looking for a support system of other survivors to talk about how to move on from here. While I am so happy to be doing so well, I am finding that I feel guilty when I hear of other people who are fighting recurrence or are dying.

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