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Technical Problems with CSN website? Report them here!

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Purpose of the board.

You are invited to report problems of a technical nature on this board. It's an attempt to encourage more members to report problems and provide as much information about them as possible. Members can also see if others have reported a problem they're having, and maybe contribute more information or ask other members for information about their experience with a problem.  For example, someone who can't access chat might learn from other members that chat is only available to members using a personal computer (as opposed to a mobile device).
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other languages

csn.cancer.org is a great website

But only 14 languages are supported

What about German Language?


Germany is a very great nation in treating cancer!

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Private Message Spam

Hello everyone,

Thank you to all of you who have alerted us to the PM spamming from earlier today. I apologize for the inconvenience. While we do have securities in place, we are not always able to catch all spam, and we are trying to figure out how this one got around our system. If you received a message from jegac1 please do respond to it or share any of your information.

Jegac1 has now been blocked from the CSN site.

Again, I am sorry for the inconvenience. Please continue to report any email spammers or questionable behavior you see.

Best regards,

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Planned Systems Maintenance

Dear Users,


CSN will be down for routine maintenance on Tuesday 1/31 for about 2 hours beginning at 9 pm EST.  We apologize for any inconvenience.  Thank you for all you do for CSN!

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How can post a simple Jpeg of myself

It would seem to be a simple thing to do but I am not finding it that way.  I see others do it.  I just want to have a picture go with a post.

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MODS: Please Fix The Images And Other Things

Like the constant captcha, even when I am editing my profile or my own posts.  Now Tru does not know I am happy for her because she cannot see my images celebrating NED, for all she knows I do not really care without my images :(



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posting problem


As of 8:54 pm pst on 10-30-16 every time I try to post to an existing thread it says it is posted, but it is not.  There is nothing there.

Matt (CivilMatt)

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Forum software

Several of us have complained about issues related to the software used to run this forum

I will add my voice and state that the software used is second rate.

In that context, HealingWell is much better.

For instance,


A 'return to the top' button is helpful

Stickies are very helpful so that we (the few who are posting frequently) don't have to repeat ourselves

Having medical info (limited to a certain number of characters) on the person posting is helpful

Inserting a clickable link is awkward; few people know how to do this

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won't post ? won't update

will not update when i submit?



still no post



Good afternoon OC friends,


Hope you have some beautiful “TEAL” pieces of clothing in your closet.  Did you know that September is NATIONAL OVARIAN CANCER AWARENESS MONTH?


Wish there would be a few football teams wearing “TEAL” once in a while.  There are other colors in our crayon box besides “pink”.  Today, I have a doctor’s appointment this afternoon, and I will be wearing “TEAL”.


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Planned Outage on Sunday 9/4/16 at 3am EST

There will be maintanence performed on the CSN website on Sunday night, 9/4/16, at 3am EST. The outage is expected to last approximately 2 hours and may impact your ability to access parts of the site. We apologize for the inconvenience.


Best Regards,


CSN Support Team


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