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Technical Problems with CSN website? Report them here!

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Purpose of the board.

You are invited to report problems of a technical nature on this board. It's an attempt to encourage more members to report problems and provide as much information about them as possible. Members can also see if others have reported a problem they're having, and maybe contribute more information or ask other members for information about their experience with a problem.  For example, someone who can't access chat might learn from other members that chat is only available to members using a personal computer (as opposed to a mobile device).
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Comments on Posts Not in Date Order

I've noticed that often the comments inside a post are not in date order, so the most recent comments may be buried in the middle of a post, making it look like there's nothing new.  For example under Lung Cancer, see: 

Small cell lung cancer remission stories




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Problems with posting replys

sometimes ok.  Other times I have full reply ready and it says there is an error


this is infuriating 

what do I fo

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Suggested Topic -- Says Not Authorized to Access

This suggested topic appears before listing Discussions Boards.  But when I click on it get error message that I'm not authorized to access:  

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How Do I Find My Old Posts?

Hi I can't find where to click to find the list of my old posts, one of which I now want to update.

It would also be good to be able to find the old posts of other members as well.

If you tell me the secret about how to do this then that would be really great.






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Expressions Gallery

Good morning!  Since the redesign of the website I have stumbled upon the Expressions Gallery once and have no idea where to find it now.  Can you tell me if this board still exists and how to find it?  Thank you in advance.

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Maybe I missed it, but what is the official stand of American Cancer Society in terms of alternative medicine, especially marijuana, some seed oil, or spider venom? Ref: https://academic.oup.com/jnci/article/110/1/djx145/4064136/Use-of-Alternative-Medicine-for-Cancer-and-Its

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Friend Requests

Since the new interface, I've had a message saying that I have recevied a new friend request.  There is no way of approving or denying this, let alone knowing who it came from.

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Lost "Sent" Messages

I sent two private e-mail messages in the last day or two that never appeared in my "sent" box that I am pretty sure I had gotten a "message sent" auto reply.  Could it be because the messages weren't composed quickly?  Thanks.

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new user interface what is it?

new user interface?


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