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Peritoneal Cancer

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treatment and prognosis

New to this diagnosis, I'm unsure why it's treated the same as ovarian cancer when they present differently.  Has anyone found the treatment plan lacking?

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Mom Dying of Appendix Cancer

Wondering if anyone has any experience to share about someone dying of appendix cancer? My mom was dx in December 2014 when her "appendectomy" revealed a ruptured tumor growing from her appendix; it was later determined to be mucinous adenocarcinoma.  I think it is important to note: the local hospital pulled the tumor through a small, robotic incision, no doubt spilling the mucus in her abdominal cavity and exacerbating the problem. 

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Gemcidibene side effects

i was wondering if anyone has back & side pain from gemzar. My oncologist has ordered it with carboplatin & looking for hints on how to deal with the pain. The combo is working so I’d like to continue with it. 


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URGENT Cancer Treatment

Hi Everyone,

I have joined to seek some help.

My mom is currently visiting me from India.

She is on her Visitor Visa so she doesn't have US Insurance. 

Last week, she felt some pain so i took her to hospital and after couple of scans and biopsy.

Doctors told us it's a Peritoneal cancer. 

We don't have anyone in India. I would really like her to get treated here in the USA. But everywhere i call, they ask for insurance information.

Seems like for them, insurance information is far important than patient health and urgency.


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Husband diagnosed with retroperitoneal liposarcoma

My husband was diagnosed with retroperitoneal liposarcoma September 2016. It came back June of 2017. He is now going through chemo and radiation. Something suspicious has shown up on his MRI. There is an accumulation of water but also a 1 inch or so diameter growth that the doctors are trying to figure out. He has an appointment with his oncologist this Thursday.


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New to this, diagnosed this week. What next?

Hello, Last week went in for my yearly physical, feeling great. Had a yearly physical in November with a colon exam all clean. Doctor this time says you are showing very slightly anemic ( very slightly). Doctor does a external exam of the abdomen and says we need a CT. Monday have my first ever CT scan and they say the peritoneum is enlarged and is cancer. CT shows no contact with other organs at this point. Will have biospys in week to get the final questions answered. If I google search pertineal carcinomtosis it is scary.

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"Fatema.tk"~U wrote on the OC forum but I'm answering U where Peritoneal Cancer patients can answer in the future

Hello "Fatema.tk" - I've chosen to put your posting of August 2, 2017 under this Peritoneal Cancer forum.  I feel like more people will be able to share their experiences with you.  I have written you quite a long reply, but hopefully it will be of some help.  So here is your letter originally posted under the Ovarian Cancer forum in a very old posting.  Hardly anyone is actively writing on that particular posting anymore.  You deserve to be in a more prominent place where others might be of help. 


Your letter is here:

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carcinomatosis of peritoneal cavity

My cancer disease has changed or progressed from ovarian cancer to carcinomatosis of peritoneal cavity.  Have others experience this progression and should I drop the referral of my cancer to just the peritoneal cancer?  My RN daughter believes if it begins as ovarian it remains that as the primary cancer.  In the larger scale of things this a minor concern.  I jlust wondered what you all thought and experienced.  

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My mother Primary Peritoneal Cancer(PPC)-Recurrence

Hello All-

I hope the best for all of you. My mother is 74 years old, was diagnosed with PPC in June 2016. She was put on combination Chemo of PACLATAXEL/CARBOPLATIN, she took 4 cycles, then followed by a surgery to remove the ovaries completely, CA-125 was vlow and we were very hopeful..then followed by 3 cycles of the same drugs.

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Hamzah_mohd~Here R web links 2 help U find answers 4 Mum's rare cancer~hope it helps!

Have chosen to create a new forum topic since "hamzah_mohd" has entered into a discussion that took place in 2011.  More than likely many of those are no longer posting, but if they are, they can still answer but I doubt that many replies will come from people who posted in that particular time frame.  Nevertheless, I would prefer to put this posting on a forum topic all its own.  Loretta

The posting I am referring to is shown below:



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