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Anal Cancer

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Finally started treatment

Hi everybody - not just lurking around the edges anymore.  I'm in.  I've had 3 rads and received the MMC and 5FU pump on Friday.  I get unhooked tomorrow afternoon.  I haven't nausea to speak of but I've been tired.  And since yesterday my mouth and all the lower mucous membrane places all feel swollen, hot, icky.  Sitting isn't that lovely, but I've been able to walk around the neighborhood some and then rest.  No question I guess.  Just checking in.  Gearing up.  Trying to stay present.

Love to you all, at whatever stage . . .


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post treatment confusion

Hi everyone, hope you all are well, I'm posting today in hopes of some answers as to the best way to follow up and monitor this type of cancer, I have read many conflicting information which makes it very confusing as to the right thing to do. I finished treatment in Dec. I was staged as 3b anal cancer with lymph node involvement where a new tumor appeared on my right groin area. The tumor in the anus was up against the vaginal wall, but hadn't invaded the vagina. The radiation Dr. told me prior to treatment that if it didn't work I was facing a major surgery.

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Feeling worse instead of better

I'm just a couple days shy of one month post treatment and I feel awful!

My blood counts are still low and falling.  There's been so much attention to my low platelets that I don't even know what my WBC's and RBC's are.  They are low, I know that much.

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Zofran vs. Marijuana - feedback?

Anybody have any input on taking zofran vs. using marijuana for nausea during the chemo?  Thanks!

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rectual cancer: tumor removed after radiation and chemo treatments. then reattachment made then more chemo.  After first surgery took out tumor amd all lemp nodes 1 node had a speck they called it stage 3.  now on chemo again.  Doctor says do not have cancer the chemo is precautionary. chemo 2 kinds and very strong everyother week.  having a really hard time with it.  sick and stomach cramps and diarrhea. do you think over treatment? considering to stop chemo. if precautionary why so strong and long treatment. They want me to take 12 treatments everyother week. I am at treatment 7 now.

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I joined yesterday

I'm sorry this is so long, but it's complicated.

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Comparison of 5-FU vs capecitabine in combination with mitomycin

Abstract of a study to be presented at ASCO annual meeting June 3.

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FISTULA - warning, it's gross

OK, I'm about to try and tackle the fact that the fistula is worsening, and I haven't even started treatment yet.  I was only getting gas through the hole from the anus to the vagina, and now I'm getting poo.  Really, unbelievably gross.  And dangerous for infection both inside the fistula and also migrating into the bladder.  I'm taking d-mannose which is supposed to make it so that e. coli doesn't stick to the sides of the bladder well and so gets peed out.  But what about cleaning the vagina.  I read somewhere not to use a tampon, and not to use a douche.

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Villous Adenoma found in my Anal Canal at the Verge and Mid-Rectum

Hello everybody. I posted my situation on another site but nobody seems to know anything about it. So I read a few postings here and thought I would give this forum a try.   

On May 1, 2017, I received the following diagnosis (verbally and in writing) from my Doctor (Gastroenteroloy) including biopsy pathology report.

1) At the anal verge villous adenoma or villotubular adenoma formation of 10mm. No high grade dysplasia or invasive carcinoma identified.

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Test / Scan updates

Hi everyone,


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