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Anal Cancer

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Anal Cancer Foundation Newsletter

Here is a link to sign up to receive their quarterly newsletter.


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Knee & Elbow Pain

Six weeks post treatment, I have had soreness in my knees and elbows, or what feels to be behind/back side of these areas, for about a week.  Has anyone else experienced this?



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Treatment Completed, Next Steps

I finished my 6 weeks of treatment recently.  Things weren't really too bad until the end of the third week; however, that did not compare to how I would feel the 4 weeks after treatment had ended.  It was horrible!!  As I'm sure you are all familar with.  They told me, after treatment, it would get worse before it got better, and boy were they right. 

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Anyone experience a bowel obstruction during treatment

My mom has developed a mechanical bowel obstruction. She was heading into week 5 of her Nigro protocol when treatment was delayed after being hospitalized last weekend due to severe dehydration from diarrhea plus lack of nutrition. While hospitalized, she developed severe abdominal pain and distention without vomiting. She did start vomiting last night with probable aspiration. She has been transferred to ICU, is on a bipap machine, and we are waiting word from a general surgeon. 

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My 7 yr follow up is this month and i expect all to be good. But do any of the long time survivors on here still have regular anal discharge? 


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What is normal vaginal drainage after rad?

I would be interested to know how radiation affected vaginal discharge or drainage in ladies treated for AC.  I am hoping to gauge if what I have is normal or coming from a rectovaginal fistula.  I am 5 months out from treatment. Prior to starting treatment I had a temporary colostomy placed due to the fistula.

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Blood in Urine (Anal Canal Cancer & Lung Adenocarcinoma, 2+ years in remission)



First I would like to thank this board for a lot of information and encouragement. It has been extremely helpful. I would like to ask for an information about my mother. 


Short background:

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How long does fatigue last. I have been done with treatment since the end of Aug. Try to walk every day. 10 min. at a time. It exhausts me. I am tired of feeling like this

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First Colonoscopy

I'm 50 and had my first colonoscopy today.  Dr. told me he removed 15 polyps and sent three for a biopsy.  From reading previous posts, I think 15 is a lot for my age.  Should I be concerned?  What happens if they find the three cancerous or pre-cancerous. 

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Next Steps

I had a colonoscopy last week and a small tumor at the rectum was discovered, the gastroenterologist was able to feel it during the initial exam prior to actually beginning the scope procedure.  He took a biopsy and I was told on Monday that it was cancer.  He did not actually tell me it was anal cancer, I am assuming this due to it being just inside the anus.  He wants me to see a surgeon this week and have a CT scan, I am then to go back and see him next week.  Should I be seeing an oncologist instead of a general and vascular surgeon or as well as?  I do not know what I should be asking


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