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Grief and Bereavement

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Anticipatory Grief

Hi everyone- sorry, this is where I should have posted this topic. Instead, I posted it in Caregivers. I should have scrolled down the forum page a bit more- sorry for the duplicate postings.  OOps


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Lost Dad to Pancreatic Cancer

Hi Everyone, 

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How does hearing about other people' misery make you feel better?

First let me say I'm a mess. My husband died 5 weeks ago, 6 weeks after diagnosis Of liver cancer. And I'm curious about a lot of things. 1.  How do words help? They won't bring my husband back from the dead so what good are they?  2. How does reading about other people' grief help? How can YOUR misery make me feel better? I think that's pretty disturbing.  3. Why do people go into every damn detail about how their spouse died? How does that help you, or the reader or anyone? It's heartbreaking to read, but what good does it do?  4.

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Missing my Aunt so much

I'm not new to this site, but new to the Grief and Bereavement section.  My aunt died yesterday after a very short battle.  I was worried how my mother was going to take it, but I was not prepared for how grief stricken I feel from the loss of her.  

What is it about losing an aunt that is making me feel so lost?  I keep thinking it might be a safety net I always had in my life is gone.  A part of my childhood is gone.  Someone who understood me even when my parents didn't is gone.  That comforting voice that called me "honey" is silent.  

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A Love Letter To My Departed

Dear Karen,

Deb W 57
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Where do I go from here?

This is my first time on this discussion board so I'm really not sure what the rules are. Mike and I met in high school, i was 16 he was 18.we stayed high school sweethearts through my senior year. We went our separate ways. I moved to Southern MN and married my first husband. The marriage was bad from the start and we divorced after 3 years but i'm grateful for my son. Mike and I started communicating again after my divorce. He made many visits to Southern MN and after a few months i packed up my toddler and I and moved back to the Twin Cities.

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How do I help my grieving husband?

My sister inlaw passed away 5 months ago yesterday. And since, my marriage has not been the same. I want to be patient with my husband. I want to stand by him. I want to help him in any way that I can. I also want to protect our family and our kids. I also don't want to be a doormat or emotional punching bag forever. I've dealt with loss before. I sort of knew what to expect. It doesn't make it hurt any worse, but I past losses have prepared me for what to look for when I need help or when I'm too overcome with emotions. This is his first loss.

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Does it ever get better

June 2013 started my journey as a Cancer Caregiver to my husband and in October 2013 he lost his battle with Small Cell Lung Cancer. If that wasn't bad enough 7 months later I began my journey with anal cancer. While I can say I'm a 3 year survivor of my own battle with cancer, a little over four years later I often wonder if my life will ever get better.

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1 year Anniversary in September


I lost my darling boyfriend to melanoma last September.  His time from diagnosis to death was an astonishing 2 months.  I believe that I was mercifully numb for the first few months.  What followed, and what lingers is a very deep sadness that leaves me feeling exhausted and hollowed out.  

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2 Months Today

My Karen took her last breath 2 months ago today (May 12th, 2017). She passed away due to Metastatic Breast Cancer spreading to her lungs. That day and vision of her still haunt me. Although it's been 2 months the emptiness and lost feelings have not subsided. I've been to counseling i.e. Grief Share, a Grief group for men and 1 on 1 counseling. It has helped but the pain of her no longer existing feels like a knife slowly slicing through my heart. She was my best friend, girlfriend, fiance, my Rock, my companion, my confidant, my lover and my world.


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