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Uterine Cancer

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Need a name for my team for the National Race to End Women's Cancer

So my son, his girlfriend and I are ready to sign up for the walk but we just need a catchy name for our team. I know you all are a bunch of very creative ladies!  Any suggestions? 

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how soon after surgery did you start the chemotherapy?

Hello everyone, 

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Daylady from the fire zone...

Hi Ladies!  I have not been checking in too much lately but it is a little crazy here!  I live in Sonoma County so for the last week it has felt a little like living through Armagedon.  We have been safe, but my daughter's inlaws were evacuated and are living with her and her husband right now.  We all feel like last night things turned forthe better.  With any kind of luck, the worst should be over by this time next week.  So many people we know have lost everything.

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Need guidance on adjuvant therapy

Hello everyone,

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Ding! Ding!

I never felt like ringing the bell when I finished chemo because I still had radiation to get through and then I lost my dad without getting to see him when we were originally supposed to have gone for a visit the week I ended up having having my surgery. That will haunt me forever.

My one year anniversary was Aug. 31, but I still didn't feel like doing a happy dance then either because I had all of these tests coming up (labs, colonoscopy, CAT scan, mammogram) that have had me more nervous than a cat trapped in a dog kennel.

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Lou Ann M
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There is always hope

Today I saw my Medical oncologist to discuss and make plans.  The only tumor that is growing is the one in my chest, so,that can be treated with radiation, and since Keytruda is keeping the other two stable, we can go back to using that again when radiation is finished.  My oncologist was able to get me in to,see the radiologist right after my appointment with him.  The radiologist thinks he will be able,to radiate that tumor failrly easy.  He thinks about 12 times.  The schedulers were able to get me into a planning session on a Monday..

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Paranoia Question

I'm halfway through my radiation.  Today they did the scan they always do before the radiation and I waited at least 15 minutes before they went ahead with the radiation.  Afterwards the tech told me there was a bubble they had to check out, that I was fine.  A tech wouldn't tell me I wasn't fine.  The dr. would do that after the radiologist read the scan??  Am I being paranoid.  Paranoia is a terrible thing!!

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From IVb UPSC to NED (Hey, that rhymes!)

I had very good news today.  I've gone from stage IVb UPSC to NED again (my second time over the course of 7 years).  Nothing was found wrong with me in my PET scan from last Friday.  I haven't gotten my CA-125 results yet because the labs were drawn just before my appointment and they take a little longer than my other labs.  My hemoglobin was only up 0.1 from last week, so I'm still anemic at 9.9.  My platelets came up from 30,000 to 57,000, enough to get a flu shot, but not enough to get my epidural steroid shot for my herniated disk.  I have to go back in two weeks to have my labs done

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How about "ALL Cancers October"

Alright, I just have to vent.  

I HATE pink October.  I just want to scream - HEY!  WHAT ABOUT OUR CANCER?! I know how many wonderful ladies we have lost and there just doesn't seem to be the money or the research for us - and it is WORSE for the true orphan cancers.  Vulvar cancer?  These women - were do they go?  Who wants to talk about a cancer like that 'down there'?  Of course - we care - but why can't October be for ALL cancers??

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Lou Ann M
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The waiting game never gets easier

The last two weeks have not been the easiest.  Two weeks Tuesday I ended up in the ER with severe chest pain on my left side.  After many tests for a heart problem, they sent me for a CT scan to rule out a blood clot.  That came back with the news that a tumor that I have had beneath my breastbone for quite awhile and that had been dormant, had decided to grow.  The ER Dr and the radiologist both thought that the pain was from that.  The ER Dr. Called my oncologist'S office to tell them and they called back later that day.


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