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Uterine Cancer

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Lou Ann M
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Another update

Labs, Dr.'s visit, and infusion day.  Got the results back from my last CTscan today.  All of my tumors have remained stable.  My oncologist says that the 3/4 in tumor in my neck feels like mush and that two others look like they have a bad case of necrosis.  It has been a year now that I have been on the immunotherapy drug Keytruda and we will continue on this line of treatment.  CA 125 also dropped a little.  The CTscan and blood test gave no clues to what is causing the pain in my left chest. No new tumors, my liver, pancreas, and kidneya are all fine.  My Doc is puzzled.

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Fun cancer camp my kids went to

Last  year while I was doing chemo treatments I found a camp for kids that have parents who have cancer.  It was too late for my kids to go last year but my two kiddos just got back from a 6 day camp called camp kesam.  This camp is run by college students all over the country.  Most states are included.  There is two in utah where my kids went.   My daughter who is 11 had a blast.  she cant wait to go again.  My son thought it was okay too.  Hes a teenager 14 and he said most of the older kids thought the songs they taught were pretty cheesy.  Pretty understandable.  I am so glad they enjo

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Cancer Across the Pond, Con't

Hey Ladies, I am home again after my 7th trip to Germany in 7 months (one more to go, then break for awhile, probably til the end of the year).  While I was there, they completed the 4th chemoembolization of a 4 treatment plan (once a month for four months), and then two days later went in and did laser ablation on the largest liver tumor.  It is now history.  I go back on Aug.

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Hey everybody

A week ago last Friday, just after my docs determined that I'd had some small strokes, probably caused by the cancer, I was checked into the hospital, where I proceeded to have a larger (still not massive one). Left hand and left side of mouth were partially paralyzed. I'm in a great rehab unit and have got back much of the use of my hand.

Still waiting to find out when I'll restart chemo. Probably Doxorubicin this time.







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work problems

There is not much I can do about this to really change my situation.  At least not as soon as I would want to. There is something I just wanted to get out there, So as most of you know, when I was going through chemo treatments last Augast I took 3 months off work and  then went back to work.  I wasnt in the best spot to start work again and it was chalenging especially at first.  I was only working 4 hours but needed to take 1 hour breaks the first week about and then slowly tapered off.  My job was a stand up job and although it could have been more work, it wasnt easy either.

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Lou Ann M
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My rant of the day

My rant of the day.

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Lou Ann M
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Has any one else had rather severe pain beneath their ribs and shoulder blade?  Sometimes my whole chest seems like it tight binding around it.  Sometime just a jabbing pain, sometimes dull.  First thought it was heartburn.  My oncologist ordered a CT scan to make sure my wayward tumors haven't gone looking for a new home again.  Any ideas?

Hugs and prayers, Lou Ann

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Feeling paralyzed... new member

Hello All! 

I'm a new member. I was diagnosed with "stage Ia" in Oct. 2016 but opted for preogesterone treatment to try to preserve fertility. Didn't work... I had a D&C in June 2017 and there is myometrial superficial invasion, FIGO 2. I'm so scared. Can't function. Pending hysterectomy and staging.  I don't even know what to ask you all; it seems like my journey hasn't even started. Was anyone in a similar situation? 

Thanks! Many blessings. :-)

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Bowel obstruction

Hello Ladies:

Has anyone had or know of someone with bowel obstruction due too tumor pressing on small bowel. Any options lefT. Currently receiving nutrients intraveneosly. If able to eat after a few days surgery and/ or chemo might be an option

Your feedback is greatly appreciated 





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Gastroenteritis after radiation.

I know this is a generic term, but did anyone else here experience long-term gastroenteritis after radiation?  I had a serious problem during the treatment and have had issues on and off for the whole year and a half since.  At first it was loose bowels but afterwards it became strictures and inflammation for months at a time. I have been seeing a specialist who keeps giving me all sorts of pills, but none of them have done the trick.  It is extremely painful at times, and it usually keeps me awake.  Anyone out here have any  experience with this?


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