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Uterine Cancer

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Finished Treatment

Well I'm all done with UPSC treatment, CA125 normal, but it's always been normal. Waiting for PET CT in the next week or two. Last November, during treatment, when I went to the ER for intestinal issues, a couple of nodules where found in my lung, along with a PE. Hopefully the PE is gone and the nodules are just nodules.

I'm going back to work on Monday, it's been 8 months. Still fatigued, but getting better. 

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Lou Ann M
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Just another update

i finished 18 radiation treatments to the tumor between my spine and Vena Cava.  It seems like everything went well it is causing a lot of nausea and fatigue but otherwise not bad.  Good news is that the radiologist reaaly felt that the pain I had in my SI joint of my right hip was tumor relate.  He feels that the tumor is pushing on a nerve that runs down to my hip. I think he may be right.  I am having much less pain there and sometimes none at all.  I am going to start to wean myself of the oxicodone.  Had my first visit with my medical oncologist today.

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Questions I should be asking

I've been reading a lot of threads and there is so much information and knowledge. Currently NED, diagnosed with adenocarcinoma 111C2. I went for my first oncology appt in March, I did my labs oncologist said everything looked great, well before that I did see my doctor that did the brachytherapy and a few days later I seen my external radiation doctor, he ordered a Ct scan and said everything looked good and then the next day was my oncologist who did the chemo. Sorry this is so long, what questions should I be asking?

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how long did you keep your port in.

Just wondering how long every one kept their port in after treatment. Thanks love, Janae

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7 Years NED UPSC

Annual visit went well. Another year cancer free. God is good

Kathy C
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New here

Hello. My name is Kathy. I was dx. With Uterine cancer in Sept. 2014. Had no symptoms- or so I thought. Went to a walk in medical for what I thought was a UTI. The doctor thought I might have appendicitis and sent me for CT and the road to finding the cancer began. Thank Hod she took the time.

I had complete hysterectomy in Oct 2014. Grade 1, stage 3 as the found a cell the size of poppy seed in one node. So I had 6 chemo and 25 radiation treatments. Felt fine through it all. It was weird losing all my hair. It's back now but came in all grey.


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I don't know if I'm allowed to post, waiting for biopsy and scared

a little info: my name is Julie and I'm almost 40 years old. 3 beautiful daughters, all cesarean, happily newlywed in October 2016.

in May of 2015, I went to my gyn for standard pap/pelvic. Came back abnormal so I underwent a colposcopy and biopsy of the cervix after finding atypical glandular cells.  Got phone call a few days later that I was "fine".


july 2016 another abnormal pap but no further tests were run. I was told not to skip my next pap and started on depo prevara shot. 

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As you know I recently found out I have a recurrence (I was originally diagnosed with carcinosarcoma and serous cancer in Nov. 2015). 

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Results from Surgery

I had my surgery on 4/6.  I was in the hospital 6 days and am just finally now feeling like returning to the land of the living and writing about what happened.  My GYN/onc. got in there and immediately checked the type of cancer I had with a biopsy, and sure enough, it was a return of my UPSC which I had 7 years ago.  It was the same mass he'd checked for a period of a year with repeated scans from 2014-15, the one he'd said couldn't be cancer because cancer always grows and this hadn't.

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new...how do you deal with worry

Hi.I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer March 23 and have my first appointment with my gynocological oncologist this Wed .April 19.It seems like an awfully long wait.My regular gyn told me it was well differentiated Grade 1 which she said was good but I am scared and don't want anymore test.What happens the first time you see your oncologist?Thanks for any answers.


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