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Esophageal Cancer

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Stage 4 spread to lymph nodes & Brain

Hello my name is Shannon I have some questions regarding my Mom. She is 74 and wa diagnosed about 5-6 months ago. Stage 4 esophageal cancer (GE junction) spread to a few lymph nodes and caused a small lesion in her brain. We did radiation on her brain and it shrunk a little bit. On July 5th after her 6th round of chemo they are going to scan her again to see how she is responding to chemo. Has anyone had any good results after their first scan? She suffers so much latelty so it is so hard for me to decide whether the cancer or the chemo is affecting her...

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Esophageal Cancer discussion re stages & treatments & informative videos for Ellie1229

Dearest Ellie,

First, let me say that I am putting this answer to your entry https://csn.cancer.org/node/310205

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Eating Solid Food

My husband was diagnosed with esophageal cancer last month. The doctor told us it was stage 3 that he's treating as stage 4, but then told me it is stage 4. He has a tumor at the base of the esophagus right where it meets the stomach. He can't eat anything and hasn't for about 2 months now. At first he could eat broth and drink some thin liquids. Now he can't do that. He gets his nutrition through a feeding tube. He had his first chemo in the doctor's office on June 5th. Then he wore a continuous feed pump for 5 days. He goes back to start round 2 on June 26th.

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just diagnosed with esophageal cancer


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Mayflower18~Special ltr 4U w/multiple references re Esophageal Cancer & treatments for Dad's cancer

Hello Mayflower

Pardon me for not getting back to you sooner, but I have so many thoughts after reading your letter posted here: https://csn.cancer.org/node/310084

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Dad diagnosed of squamous cell carcinoma

Thos may be a long post. My dad had some symptoms like pains in the chest area which was unbearable other than that he always had reflux. He immidiately went to dr and got  a  CT scan. Everything normal except mid esophageal wall thickening of 10 mm. lymph nodes normal everything else basically says normal. Did endoscopic biopsy next day result came back 3 days later positive for moderately diff. Squamous cell carcinoma involving mid esophagus. The upper and lower esophagus and GI junction seems normal. This is in India.

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Stage IV- Liver involved


My husband was diagnosed with stage 3 esophageal in September 2016. 

He had 5 weeks of radiation and 5 chemo infusions.

The follow up PET scan showed clean esophagus/ stomach junction/ lymph nodes however there were spots on his

liver. He's in the 6th cycle of  1 infusion (oxaliplatin) followed by 2 weeks of 4000 mg xeloda daily for two weeks, 1 week off, then repeat. Recent scan showed a clean liver.

My concern is since the liver became involved, surgery doesn't seem to be an option.

Has this been the case with anyone else?

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Should I be concerned?

Hi, I just had my first follow-up pet-ct scan post my esophagectomy. They found several new and and enlarging pulmonary nodules. All are small right now. My Dr. is presenting it to the board for a decision on whether to do a biopsy or just keep and eye on it. He said it is very possible that it is not metastases and not too loose sleep over it (yeah right). Has anyone ever experienced this and if so, what was your outcome? 

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Side effects eox treatment

Hi my name is julie im from the UK . Im a 25 yr old daughter that is looking for support for both of my parents who have both been diagnosed with cancer in feb of this yr. My mam has lung cancer stage 3a nsclc squamous and is having chemo currently with no side effects or very little. My dad on the other hand has esophegeal cancer with no spread and have been told it can be cured with the ivor lewis op. 

The chemo treatment my dad is on is harsh and have already reduced his dose by 20% due to sickness. 


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For those of you that remember Loretta and William Marshall

For those of you that remember Loretta and William Marshall; I wanted to let you know that William had a stroke yesterday and is in the hospital. He seems to be doing better today but I am sure that Loretta and William would appreciate your positive thoughts and prayers.

William is in Northern Hospital of Surry County.  The hospital # is 336-719-7222.  In the morning he will be undergoing more tests on his heart.


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