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Long-Term Effects of Treatment

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Radiation Proctitis

Just wondering what treatments worked for those of you who ended up with Radiation Proctitis after cancer treatment.  Aside from HBO, what treatments have cleared it or at least lessened the bleeding?   

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Breast pain after lumpectomy

Hello, friends

i have been on the BC board, but thought almost a year out of treatment this may be a good move for me.  I had neoadjuvant chemo, a partial, then 25 rounds of rads.  Now, 10 months out of treatment I am experiencing neuropathy in my fingers and feet and pain in my affected breast.  Surgeon said it is probably scar tissue, but my sensitivity to touch has increased.  I am seeing my onco and surgeon in about a month.  Should I mention these, or would my doctors just think I am imagining?

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Lymphedema- New Drug in the Works YAY!

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Radiation induced pain

Hi Anyone!  I have had pelvic bone X-rays last June and have been suffering with chronic pelvic, hip, groin and back pain.  I have had an MRI of spine and hips - nothing to show why I have this pain. Taken all sorts of medication- none help. Oncologist thinks it's iin my head! WRONG!   Can anyone comment. Hurts when I walk, getting up from a sitting position and out of a car.  THANKS. 

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cervical cancer

wanna know about cervical cancer treatment for stage 3b.....besides conventional traetments like chemo and radiation.


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Has anyone had hipocampal sparing whole brain radiation?

Hi everyone,
I have HER2 positive breast cancer with many brain metastases.  I've had Gamma Knife treatment in the past but new lesions keep developing so now I have been offered hippocampal sparing whole brain radiation as my only treatment option.  From reading all the posts about whole brain radiation, I am very reluctant to go ahead with this procedure, hippocampal sparing or not.    I currently have no symptoms but I will soon be unwell according to my oncologist.
Has anyone had this treatment and what side effects, short-term and long term, did they experience?

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Private Message Spam

Hello everyone,

Thank you to all of you who have alerted us to the PM spamming from earlier today. I apologize for the inconvenience. While we do have securities in place, we are not always able to catch all spam, and we are trying to figure out how this one got around our system. If you received a message from jegac1 please do respond to it or share any of your information.

Jegac1 has now been blocked from the CSN site.

Again, I am sorry for the inconvenience. Please continue to report any email spammers or questionable behavior you see.

Best regards,

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Removal of port

In Aug of 2016 my onc told me chemo would no longer work and gave me 7 mos to live. They have wanted to perform a port flush every8 weeks. I saw no need for that and now they want me to go through surgery for removal of the port. I was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer which matastized to liver and lung. Any thoughts?

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Getting sick a lot

I have completed chemotherapy and radiation almost 2 years ago.

Lately I have been getting sick left and right with all kinds of minor illnesses, such as cold , ear infection etc.. it seems to be a constant thing.  I do admit I do have a toddler that just started preschool .  Has anyone else experience this?  It just seems once I feel better I get sick again.  Has my immune system been compromised from chemo?

Looking forward to hearing feedback


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Dry mouth

i had total thyroidectomy last year and this year i am going through Radioterapy.

can anyone tell me how long will it take after Radiotherapy things can be normal like dry throat etc.

i meant to have 30 sessions of Radiotherapy but due to early signs of sore throat my doctor thinks i am not able to cope with 30 sessions he did only 25 sessions of Radiotherapy. 

But now my sore Throat and dry mouth is killing me. i really appreciate if anyone can guide me how can get rid of this dry and sore throat.


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