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Brain Cancer

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Experiences with glioblastoma II on radiation and temodar following surgery

Jack's Mommy
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CNS Lymphoma post radiation hair growth

Hello! I am a Lymphoma survivor. I had 3 lesions in my brain, did chemo as well as radiation. During my chemo treatments,  my hair was growing back in between treatments but with radiation, I cannot say the same. I look like an elderly balding man. My hair is thin and I have major bald spots. I was told today to use Nioxin and was wondering if anyone here, who had radiation treatment on their head, has used this and if you had success. I threaten to just shave it off every other day and I am miserable over my lack luster hair.

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How is everyone?

I've found myself here like many of you have. MRI on March 12th straight to crainiotomy on March 13, 2017 for a  total gross removal of a 7cm tumor on my right frontal lobe. Pathology came back mostly grade II at first, but the center contained grade III A.A. and turned our world upside down. I will admit I have laid in bed at night and read (and reread) all of these individual stories that I am so invested in. Unfortunately, many of these stories just begin and I don't know what has happened to those that were fortunate to post in the first place.

Sherrie loves mom
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Gliomatosis Cerebri - Anticipating Care Needs when husband has Parkinson's

I am so thankful to find this site as we are desperate for advise regarding caring for my in-law from this point forward.  

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Brainstem Glioma

Are there any brainstem glioma survivors out there?  My son-in-law in 31, and was diagnosed in September.  He has done radiation, chemo, and natural supplements.  What else can we try?  We have been told this is a death sentence.  He and my daughter have a 1 1/2  year old and a 4 year old.

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Gliosarcoma...doing it all and still dying.

My life partner of 12 years was diagnosed in November.  He is 70 and was in fabulous physical condition with no comorbidities.  Had surgery at Hopkins.  Grade 4, unmethylated gliosarcoma in the frontal lobe.  Chose to return to local medical center for radiation and TMZ.  We keep waiting for improvements, but aren't seeing any.  

Any one else out there with this?  It's pretty rare.

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Memory improvement/cognitive function after treatment/surgery

I am writing to help a dear friend who is experiencing memory problems. She is not able to recall what she did the previous day, what she ate for breakfast. She may know something in broad detail e.g. that she has received an invitation to a friend's party, but cannot tell you when it will take place or more information about it. She may also confuse aspects of the event that she is trying to relate. She can ask the same question several times and it is clear that she cannot hold on to the information.

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Cns lymphoma confusion

Hello my dad is 75 and had brain surgery to remove his tumor of pcns lymphom On dec 5.

the high dose chemo was extremely tough on him. were extremely concerned because his confusion is actually worse. I know it's almost 4 months but shouldn't the confusion be getting better? To make a longo story short he is currently not walking and on a feeding tube because he stopped eating. He also had some major aggression. 

Please help--this is a completely different man now. 

Thank you 

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Astrocytomas - questions, concerns, and introduction

Hello CSN members,

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Oligodendroglioma II /radiotherapy question

I am 24 years, diagnosed with oligodendroglioma grade 2, went into surgery removed 80% of the tumor,

As a treatment plan, they suggested chemo with radiation, but told me that radiation is once in lifetime !!!

I decided to save it as a golden card and just go with chemo, but when I searched on internet I found some ppl saying it could be twice am not sure

am already started my chemo using temodal .... has anyone had radiation twice to the same area ?

and anyone know what could happened if I changed my mind and want to start radiation ?


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