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Brain Cancer

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Anaplastic astrocytoma grade 3 wild type

I'm looking for some hope. My husband was diagnosed with an Anaplastic Astrocytoma grade 3 wild-type. He is 59 but very healthy. The doctor said he has the heart and arteries of a teenager.

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Dad has glioblastoma stage 4

My dad is 66 and was recently diagnosed with glioblastoma stage 4. They were able to remove his tumor but they say it grows back aggressively and quickly. He is in rehab right now and we hope he will be back home within the week before he begins chemo. We are hoping for a year left with him. No doctor has given him a set time to live but my mom tells me that no one has survived this disease and his age will mean he won't have very much time with me. I am trying to do my part as a son to help.
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Father with Stage IV Glioblastoma - extreme anger issues, paranoia

Hi everyone, my dad was diagnosed with stage 4 glioblastoma in January after initially having a seizure in November.  A little backstory, my dad has had anger issues since I was a child.  The smallest thing could cause him to fly into a fit of rage, whether it was someone not answering his phone call or being 15 minutes late when they were supposed to be meeting him.  He and I have never been super close and for the last 6 years he has lived abroad, with him making a visit every few years and maybe a few emails/calls a month.  

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I'm trying to prolong his life... GBM gradus IV


My father has brain cancer.

Glioblastom multiforme in corpus callosum, gradus IV. (butterfly)

The tumour's location is in the center of the brain, is not possible to perform the operation. After consulting Doctors Advisory Board, as a therapy in the treatment suggested the Chemotherapy and Radiation therapy. (Due to the location of cancer, the Radiation therapy is possible only at a dose of 70 percent)

The first therapy was started March 20. After three received radio therapy treatment comes to a complete collapse of the organism.

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9 year survivor testimony.

Hello, I am new here. This is a very painful topic for me to discuss, but I need to practice for a testimony I will be doing at my church. When I was 15 in 2007 I had it all going for me..I was young, funny, full of life, and had many friends to hang out with. I had decided to set an affrimation for my sophomore year; I was goig to be social with everyone, be POSITIVE, be engaging, come out of my comfort zone, and do my best with my grades. I knew it was going to be a school year to remember, for the summer of 2007 was completely astouding, (the best time period of my life).

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Ependymoma Grade II

My son is 13.5 old, has been diagnosed with Ependymoma Grade II. He had his surgery in February and radiation Therapy for 6 week has been done. He is doing fine after that but I am very concerned about his future health. Can anybody guide with some tips for care?

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Cargiving husband with brain cancer

Does anyone have any experience to share?  I'm in month five and am struggling.  Glioblastoma grade 4.  Craniotomy, radiation, temodar and avastin.  Still on decadron and walking is very limited and only with a walker. 

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Experiences with glioblastoma II on radiation and temodar following surgery

Jack's Mommy
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CNS Lymphoma post radiation hair growth

Hello! I am a Lymphoma survivor. I had 3 lesions in my brain, did chemo as well as radiation. During my chemo treatments,  my hair was growing back in between treatments but with radiation, I cannot say the same. I look like an elderly balding man. My hair is thin and I have major bald spots. I was told today to use Nioxin and was wondering if anyone here, who had radiation treatment on their head, has used this and if you had success. I threaten to just shave it off every other day and I am miserable over my lack luster hair.

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How is everyone?

I've found myself here like many of you have. MRI on March 12th straight to crainiotomy on March 13, 2017 for a  total gross removal of a 7cm tumor on my right frontal lobe. Pathology came back mostly grade II at first, but the center contained grade III A.A. and turned our world upside down. I will admit I have laid in bed at night and read (and reread) all of these individual stories that I am so invested in. Unfortunately, many of these stories just begin and I don't know what has happened to those that were fortunate to post in the first place.


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