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Head and Neck Cancer

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Superthread (Read only) ~ contributed by Sweetblood22

Welcome new members! This is a read-only post that provides information about resources we, members of the head and neck cancer forum, found helpful as well as our answers to most frequently asked questions in our forum.

Please feel free to send Skiffin16 a private message (PM) if you have something you think should be included here.

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First time posting

I have been following this forum for over a month as I was diagnosed with oral cancer of the tongue in January of this year.  I had surgery in March of this year which included a neck dissection and a portion of my tongue rebuilt.  The pathology report two weeks later showed the margins clear and as the cancer was caught early and no lymph nodes infected but many were removed, no radiation or chemo was recommended.  All that changed this week when a C Scan was done and a spot in the same location after the surgeon did a biopsy in the officed showed suspicious.  All this has been done at a m

Manish Kumar
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My father has oral cancer.. Please advice what to do

I recently came to know, that my father has oral cancer. We took consultant from some oncologists and according to the biopsy results one of them said its in the INITIAL STAGE and and can be cured with chemotherapy, while the other one suggested to go for a surgery and then for the chemotherapy. It is covered in 5 mmx 5mm x 2mm area, in the upper inside region of the mouth. Is a surgery along with chemotherapy needed, or should we go for chemotherapy only? Should chemotherapy be taken before or after the surgery, or both? What about radiation therapy? Please advice..

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Worried Daughter

Hi I am new to all this and worried about my dad. 


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Any info on Stage IV base of tongue/lymph nodes and PROTON THERAPY?

Hello, My husband recently was diagnosed with base of tongue invasive squamous cell carcinoma.  Traditional 7weeks of radiation and chemo have been recommended at this point.  We have also reached out to the University of Florida Proton Therapy Institute and they are setting up a consult.  The Oncologists recommending the traditional approach, when asked, said because the cancer is in the lymph nodes, proton therapy may not be as effective due to its targeted radiation vs. 360 degrees radiation.  Any thoughts or info would be appreciated.  Thank you.

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No Surgery - Chemo and Radiation

The ENT met with us today and said that surgery is not an option because they would have to open his jaw and remove part of his voice box. Instead he is recommending chemo and radiation - no surgery. Was this the case for anyone?

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Scared Wife - Tonsil and tongue


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Just diagnosed - No idea what to expect

So... I found a lump on my neck in March. I'm male, in my mid 40's, in good physical health, don't drink nor smoke. I had just recently had a minor surgergy to my chin and my primary care physican and myself figured the swollen lymph-node was simply a reaction to the minor surgery. After a couple of rounds of steroids, etc. and the lymph-node not going down, he had me get an ultrasound. That showed a small mass or enlarged lymph-node (doctor wasn't sure), so he referred me to an ENT. The ENT didn't seem overly concerned at first.

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I have a new weird problem.

Something new popped up today. I cant make much sense of it and I havent seen others with this symptom post anything. I am currently awaiting pet scan. Bright red blood in stools. How does this connect with with head and neck cancer? Any insight would be helpful.

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Ear ringing from cisplatin


My dad has nasopharyngeal cancer and is on cisplantin. He's been having really bad ear ringing that's not going away. I was wondering if anyone on this medication has experience that before and whether this is really permanent. Also, what can help relieve that (besides corticosteroids injections)?


Thank you! 


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