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Head and Neck Cancer

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Superthread (Read only) ~ contributed by Sweetblood22

Welcome new members! This is a read-only post that provides information about resources we, members of the head and neck cancer forum, found helpful as well as our answers to most frequently asked questions in our forum.

Please feel free to send Skiffin16 a private message (PM) if you have something you think should be included here.

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Completed 4th year H&N

i have completed the 4 year mark. I only have 2    6 monthly check ups .....the the doc says he won’t need to see me again after that. 

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Old fashioned sick

I THINK I have one heck of a cold. Called one of my drs. yesterday and a nurse told me that my symptoms are from radiation (which ended months ago). Waked today with 101.4 trmp and a bad sore throat that feels very swollen, have slept most of the day and my nose runs and runs.Does anyone remember a time like this? I'm totally on my own this weekend, and I'm really scared.Do we get viruses,, etc., too. Can't believe my panic. How do you handle times like this?  Thanks..Martha

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Severe Trimus

For some background here... I had throat cancer in 2012 with 4 rounds of 24/7 chemo and 35 rounds of radiation.  I recovered pretty well and was fine until 2014 when it retured with the tumer being higher in my throat, this was follwed by 6 rounds of chemo and 33 rounds of radiation.

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Perineural Tumor

Does anyone have any knowledge of perineural tumor in the inferior alveolar nerve? Please share treatment options. Husband is 18 months post diagnosis of Stage 4a SCC with primary in buccal mucosa. Latest scans show concern in the nerve but no lymph nodes.

I know every patient is different but was hoping to get a general idea.

Thanks as always warriors.

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HPV+ 'Shame'. Do you disclose your HPV status?

Personally, it never occured to me not to be open about the fact that my base of tongue cancer tested positive for HPV. However, after meeting numerous people (online and in person) who have received treatment for HPV+ cancer, I have encountered several who have choosen not to reveal that their cancer was most likley caused by HPV. The reason has always been the same; they feel some sort of 'shame' (if that's the right word) because HPV is considered a sexually transmitted infection/disease.

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dental work

Hello I'm new here and although not diagnosed yet...looks pretty clear where things are heading...wish I could say differently. Anyway I'm educating myself as much as I can in advance and from I can see this community of extraordinary people is a wealth of knowledge and caring support.

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3rd CT scan

So tomorrow my hubby goes in for his 3rd scan post treatment. The last two were completely clear. But still there’s

 the worry that this time....  I’m choosing to remain positive and pray for the best.  send positive vibes if you will 



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Physical activity post treatment

Anyone else feeling way, way out of shape after treatment?(several months out) I think I have about 85% of my energy back and yet to go on a simple walk I can't do anymore than 30min, and I am way slowing down about halfway through. I am very tired by the end of th e walk.  I used to be able to walk same speed for a good hour N half.  Is this the affect of chemo or from being in bed everyday for those months. I just am very surprised at how out of shape I am. I feel like an old person and I'm still in my early 20s! 

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Taste still not returning

Whats the deal? Last chemo was first week of August. Last radiation was middle of July.  Here we are at December and I still cannot taste 99% of foods. I don't understand, I didn't have tongue cancer, they didnt zap my tongue directly or any of my mouth, just my nose area forehead and neck. 

Any ideas why it's not returning? Could the no saliva be a part of it? Sucks to be around the holidays and not enjoy any of the food. Feels like a terrible punishment, I don't enjoy going out to restaurants with family at all. It just makes me sad.


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