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Gynecological Cancers (other than ovarian and uterine)

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Cervical Cancer - my story for anyone who can shed some light/advice

I am a new member to the ACS survivor page as I’m looking for help and support in my most recent health related issues. Here’s my story:

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Leep 10 years ago cause abnormal pap today???

K dates and what's going on age 24, 10 years ago abnormal pap, colposcopy, cells were starting to change to cervical cancer, had leep, clear margins, after 2 years given all clear 

every year pap came back clear

then .....

2014 pap came back abnormal, wanted follow up, doctor left country, didn't get follow up

2014 pain during sex bleeding

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Cervical Cancer

I was diagnosed with stage IIIb cervical cancer in June. I went through external beam radiation, chemo, internal radiation, and boosts on my lymph node. Now I am working on getting stronger post treatment and just hoping to get back to work soon. Treatments were hard on my body and I am still having residual effects. I find myself depressed and unhappy. I struggle from day to day to keep my mind busy. My spouse was not the support I hoped for during treatment and even called me demanding. I could barely get out of bed the pain was so severe.

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Low platelet and white blood count many months after chemo and radiation

I comple chemo and radiation the end of October, 2016.  During treatment my blood work was normal.  The last two blood tests taken in June and September of this year show low platelet and WBC numbers.  Has anyone experienced this?

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Diagnosis, confused, please help desperately need help.

Hello, I  feeling really distressed and would really really appreciate other people's experiences. I'm 50 and I had some abnormal bleeding. I got sent for an urgent referral  ultra sound scan by my GP and have been waiting for results. I haven't heard anything and have been calling my GP who say they have no results. Today I received a letter and this letter was a referral to a 'gynaecology oncologist'. Does this mean something bad has been found? Or is this a standard procedure for everyone and you have to discuss results even if nothing bad has been found?


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6 years clear

September 23 was my 6 year mark since I was diagnosed with stage 4a vaginal cancer. Treatment & surgery was rough, but I made it out to the other side, my 'abby normal'! I look at the skin graft scars, radiation burn scars, surgery scars and my colostomy as a reminder of how lucky I am to still be here. God bless everyone going through cancer treatment. Though you may not be able to see, there is life afterwards, and it is precious & sweet. 

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Weight gain after lymph node removal

Have any of you ladies gained weight, particularly in the lower belly after removal of lymph nodes in the groin? Wondering if it's just me. Before cancer I maintained the same weight for years. It's been one year for me since surgery and my clothes don't fit right. My lower belly and thighs are bigger. I don't wear the compression stockings I was given. What a pain to wear them in summer and to have to put them on with rubber gloves. I eat the same and excercise more. What gives?

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Radiation Yes or No?

Hi all, Yesterday, I had my two week check-up after surgery (radical vulvectomy with lymp node removal) to see how things are healing and discuss results of lymph node biopsies. Things are healing well but results and recommendation of further treatment were unexpected and a little unsettling. Doctor said she got clear margins around tumor, lymph nodes from right side were all clear, she removed 11 lymph nodes from the left side and one was positive for cancer BUT she doesn't feel radiation is going to be needed at this time.

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Carcinoma Cervix

Hai All, 

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Rather lost

I was diagnosed with cervical cancer stage 2b in April and started the treatments 1 May. I finished my treatments on 29 June 2017. I had 30 external radiation, 5 internal radiation and 3 of 6 chemos using cistiplan. I been in a holding pattern since then. The two weeks following the last treatment was loaded with side effects but I made it through them. The radiation treatments really bothered me so I been off work since May and will be returning to work on 14 August. I am quite anxious to be honest.



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