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Thyroid Cancer

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Hello i am new to the board and i am also very worried. My mom lives out of state and was told that she needs to come back in to see the doctor after a biopsy that she had for her thyroid. The doctor has told her that she has ATYPICAL FOLLICULAR HURTHLE CELL METAPLASIA. But my concern is that she is 79 years old and she asked him last year to remove her thyroid and he told her no because of her age.  I guess my question for you guys here is what can she aspect? are these cell malignant? Are they dangerous? is it possible for it to spread?

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follicular thyroid cancer HELP!! Scared and alone

I have had no treatment since the thyroidectomy. Spent the last 6 months waiting because of a small town doctor worried about iodine radiation. At 37, married with a 2 year old I got worried and went to MD Anderson last week. Now more waiting why do I feel like the doctors just don't care. On the plus they changed my meds and I can eat again. Lost 112lbs since October. Just scared and feeling alone.

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Does this US of Thyroid mean what I think it means? Probable Biopsy

Hi everyone, 

History of Hoshimoto's Hypothyroidism and Pancreatic Cancer and Severe Rheumatoid Arthritis. Not new to cancer but looking at definitions of this Ultrasound of Thyroid has me a bit suspicious. Can anyone educate me on this?

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Newly diagnosed

Hi everyone! I found out yesterday that I have papillary thyroid cancer. I have an appointment next week with my endo to discuss treatment, but I was wondering if anyone could share their experience? I've done alot of research about surgery, radioactive iodine treatment, etc. but wanted to know from people who have been there before how these things actually feel.

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Neck Dissection? Robotic guided?

 Looking for a doctor that performs neck dissection with robotic assistace. Possibly even a doctor that will preform this sugery less invasive.

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Need advice

I recently took radiation pill after doing low iodine diet it's been three days since I took the pill I been in my home those three days is my 5 year safe to come home I want to be sure its safe. can I prepare his foods yet? 

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FNA on 2 nodules - what to expect? Any warnings?

i am currently in chemo for ovarian cancer. During my first CT the scan discovered 4 nodules on the thyroid. A subsequent ultrasound confirmed that 2 of the 4 nodules warrant FNA. I understand it is done in working with an ultrasound. Can someone tell me what to expect? Do you feel the needles? Do they hold down your head? Is it painful? I am a wuss for medical procedures, so knowing what to expect will potentially reduce my stress. Thanks for as much personal experience you are willing to share. Thanks.

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Medullary Thyroid Cancer total Neck Dissection Lymphectomy

Was wondering if anyone else who has had a neck dissection with lymphectomy is experiencing issues with extreme heat or cold? Seems that when I am outside working that I experience lymphedema. Is this normal? I am post op as of July 11, 2016. Being a Farmer my lively hood requires me to be outside. Not sure if I am going to be able to handle it.

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one big waiting game !!!

In relation to fine need aspiration tests done on thyroid nodules, does an abnormal cell result mean cancer? Some advice would be helpful as i'm confused by this result and i didnt think to ask questions at the time of the appointment and i dont know why i didnt just ask for more information on the result.! i was told to wait few days to receive a call of a specialist about what happens next, after they have meeting about my case.
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Thyroid Cancer Recurrence Symptoms?

Hello everyone.  Forgive me for asking this but I moved in January, and havent seen an endo since November, and dont have insurance for another month.  So here goes...



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