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Stomach Cancer

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Stage 4 stomach cancer


i have been diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer.  I will begin Chemo next week.  I hope to hear positive feedback from those that have beat the odds.  


Thanks Lee

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A little hope, so needed with this diagnose!

I wanted to post this because I know how much we need to find some hope when we hear the diagnose of stage IV stomach cancer. It's so hard to see the numbers. We just went to my husbands oncologist today, finally his CEA is in normal range. He just has a laparoscopy with peritoneal wash: no malignant cells founded. Endoscopy: no trace of primary tumor (macroscopic), no malignant cells (biopsies). Clear PET scan.  He was diagnosed last September (2016), at age 45, with stage IV gastric cancer (liver, retroperitoneal and mediastinal lymph nodes), CEA 790 and Ca125 in 1600.

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wanted to introduce myself

...of course, I never wanted to meet this way, but here we are.


My dad was dx'd with stomach cancer in March. We were completely blindsided because although I had no delusions he was healthy, I always thought it would be something else. Its stage III, and has grown into his esophagus though not metastisized. 


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Story of HOPE for Esophageal and Stomach junction cancer

I wanted to write a story of Hope, courage and fight.  On January of 2010, our world was shattered when we learned that my dad of 58 year old was diagnosed with Gastric Esophageal junction Stage III cancer.  First few days were that of helplessness, anguish, anger, sadness, and anxiety.  It came from nowhere, but looking back, my dad was showing few signs of tiredness few years earlier.  We however decided to fight back.  My family and I gather as much information as we could about the cancer.  We read stories of hope and survivor.  We told my dad about the stories of people who had survive

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Private Message Spam

Hello everyone,

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Need any referrals to oncologists for Kaiser

Hi ... i'm new to the board and happy I've found it.  My dad was just diagnosed with stomach cancer.  He has Kaiser and as many of you know, Kaiser does not allow you to go anywhere outside of their network, well you can but they won't give you a referral nor will they pay.  So I'm trying to figure out another oncologist with expertise in stomach cancer within their network. The current oncologist is nice, but I don't think she has enough experience.

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Stomach Cancer at 59, doctors giving up hope, please advise.

Hello Everyone, My uncle, 59 years old has Adenocarcinoma (Stomach Cancer, T4aN3bMx) at STAGE 4 and the cancer has spread around the stomach but has not affected any other organs, except few deposits have been found at lungs. Some Acitis Fluid appears to have spread around the stomach, and doctors are struggling to find their way to reach the tumor, I believe they mentioned that tumor cannot be treated at stage 4. Some 15 lymph nodes appear to have been infected. Doctors have lost hope and say, its our call. My uncle cannot eat or even drink at this point.

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Need some help and information

Hello friends,

My father is 73 years old and according to his tests, unfortunately he has got stomach cancer, I wanted to share the results with you and use your experiences.

First of all dr took an endoscopy and the result was: suspicious malignant tumor, then he sent the specimen to laboratory, the result was

C 16/3

M= 8140/3

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Diagnosed with Linitis plastica in April now i'am CANCER FREE

I was having problems eating after having surgery last November. I could not hardly eat anything and i would get sick. I told the surgeon about this and he said that it was normal after the surgery and it would last about a month or so. The surgeon gave me some nausea medicine. Well after a few months of losing 36 punds and still not being able to eat I went to my family doctor who gave me more medicine and referred me to a stomach doctor. The stomach doctor gave me more medicine and told me and my wife that he could run a scope into my stomach and take a look if I wanted.

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20 year old girl with stage IV stomach cancer

my 20 year old sister got diagnosed with stomach cancer after several months of complaining from stomach pains, nausea and heartburn and getting full too quickly. she got very bad stomach pain which led to her getting hospitalised after weeks of her not being able to eat and doctors testing when she eventually got diagnosed with stomach cancer. We decided to start her chemo straight away and she didnt HAVE too many side effects at the begining but with time it got worse. she had unbearable stomach pain which led to her getting hospitalised again.


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