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Stomach Cancer

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Hope you are all well. Thank you so much for starting this page. I am learning a lot. Any further advice would be appreciated. 


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Appendiceal cancer, limited ability to eat/drink. Compressing supplements.


My first time posting. I'm not sure exactly where my post should go. I have appendiceal cancer. (Endoscopy and colonoscopy tend to show cancer is involved in both areas of my abdominal areas).


For almost a year my specific medical issue could not be determined. I was told, based on blood work, anemia and SED test irregularity results. That my problem was most likely either Rheumatoid arthritis or cancer.


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Fiancé recently diagnosed Stage IV stomach cancer

My fiancé is a 33 year old male with no underlying health issues. Last month he was admitted to the hospital after complaining of abdominal pain and bloating. Scope indicated 2 tumors and 1 in the process of forming. The big one is located in the lower part of his stomach and the other is a rectal mass in the distal colon. Biopsy confirmed Stage IV Adenocarcinoma and the fluid retention was full of mestatic cells.They started him on a treatment of FOLFOX (5-FU, Leucovorin & Oxaliplatin) 4 weeks ago. He has had a lot of trouble with nausea and reflux, he vomits bile frequently.

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Secretive Family Member

I am reaching out for help and support.  I don't know where else to go.  

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Adenocarcinoma of duodenum

Have back pain and stomach pain. on going chemo treatment.


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Pancreatic Cancer stage 2- my mom

Hi all,

My mom was rec diagnosed with PC stage 2. They got all the bad out exc will need to do chemo on one lymph note. 1/22 ain't bad- right? I am worried for her.

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Vess Foteva
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Phase 3 Clinical Trial For Stomach Cancer | Search Tool For More Trials | FindMeCure

Hello, all.

I am new here, but I hope I have some useful information to share with you. 

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Signet Ring Feature Stomach Carcinoma

Please/Please help! My 73 yr old sister that is in perfect physical condition and great health has just been diagnosed with Stage IV Signet Rell Feature Adenocarcinoma of the stomach. We are hoping to start her chemo and radiation in the next couple of days and we need help finding a hospital, clinic, or doctor that may specialize in this cancer. Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated. 

Thank you


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Lost wife

my 36 year old husband has Stage 4 esophageal/gastric cancer. He has been estimated to live about a year, based on 3 oncology opinions. I feel like I'm dying with him. I am severely depressed. I am able to manage the basis of taking care of him, but I am so sad that I can't do much else. Leaning on others is not helping right now. How do we deal with facing this? He just had surgery, and is getting ready to do more chemo, but it's all palliative care. 

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85 Y/O Male suffering from 4th Stage Stomach Cancer

Dear All,

It was revealed to me 3 days ago that my grandfather has a 4th stage stomach cancer and 50% of the inner lining of the stomach is covered in cancerous cells.
Upon getting futher tests it was revealed that the cancer has spread to some areas of kidney and was touching pancreas.

The docs told us that he has a max time of 3 months.

The time however could be extended by chemo therapy for a few more months. The family obviously wants to take the boat but we havent yet asked my grandpa.


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