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Lymphoma (Hodgkin and Non-Hodgkin)

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Stem cell transplant

Has anyone completed a stem cell transplant recently? I tried searching the board, but am getting old posts. 

I have Double Hit Large B Cell Lymphoma and just finished with what I hope is my last round of Hyper-CVAD (3 rounds of cycles A & B). I am scheduled for a PET scan & BMB in a few weeks. If everything's good I will continue on with a stem cell transplant @ Dana Farber. 

Just wondering what to expect? I know this will be the hardest part of my treatment so far, but also that I am nearing the finish line.

Thanks for any help and suggestions!

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Late treatment problems years on

Long term chemotherapy and radiation problems over twenty years please let me here your problems if any one has had .bad chest.. Joint pain...bad tummy...general pains due to nerve damage....muscle pain 

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Chemo Brain

I first saw this news story on my flipboard this morning. 


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At 18 months

This last Monday I had my "18 month" CT scan and it came back clear.

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bone marrow biopsy after pain

Can anyone share experiences with bone marrow biopsy and pain for days after?    in my husband's case, his bones were so hard the doctor had to stand on a chair and literally broke a sweat getting it done.   Lots of back pain 2 days after - is this normal?   DX at this point is low grade Extranodal Marginal Lymphoma - a MALT.    This was after a right tonsil was removed.   Still in shock here, and not feeling much.   No results from tests except blood, which was normal.   We meet in another week with doctor.   And, we are in the middle of a house renovation.

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I hate this

Hi all,

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Radiation effects


HL patient just finished ABVD chemo about a month ago and just 2 days ago completed 10 radiation sessions. I know am experiencing what feels like a lump in my throat making it difficult to swallow, even water. Radiologist gave me the mouthwash but doesn't seem to be helping very much. Any recommendations, or idea how long this will last?

thank you.. 

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San Francisco T-Cell Lymphoma patient education seminar

The T-Cell Leukemia/Lymphoma Foundation will be conducting a patient education seminar Saturday, June 3rd, from 8:30 AM to 2:30 PM at the Hotel Nikko in downtown San Francisco, California. The main presenter will be Dr. Andrei Shustov of Fred Hutchinson/Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. He is an internationally known hematologist and researcher, specializing in T-Cell and N/K Cell Lymphomas. In addition, a three-time T-Cell Lymphoma patient/survivor will address the lymphoma journey from a patient's perspective.

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2nd Opinion for PTCL NOS

My husband was diagnosed 2 weeks ago with PTCL NOS Stage 2a.  We feel we have a competent physician but want a 2nd opinion on biopsy and diagnosis.  Looking for what the best cancer centers specialize in T-cell lymphoma.   He has already done 1 CHOEP chemo treatment.  Is this still the beginning standard of care for PTCL NOS?  

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Undiagnosed, scared mom.

Hello. I'm here to get some advice. The night of the 25th of April prior to going to bed I noticed swollen lymph nodes in my groin. I reached out to my doctor and she felt them and thought because I have HSV1 and get outbreaks on my back that I was possibly going to have an outbrewk and started me on the medication. It did nothing for my lymph nodes swelling so I followed up a week later and saw a nurse practitioner in the clinic who sent me over for an ultrasound. The ultrasound came back as:



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