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Lymphoma (Hodgkin and Non-Hodgkin)

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Very Afraid with Symptoms PLEASE HELP ME

Here is some background and a timeline: 


Last year after a bout of the flu I was diagnosed with an Autoimmune disorder named Parsonage Turner Syndrome, which left me paralyzed for a few months. Since then I have recovered my muscle strength. 




1.5 months ago- Following a spider bite I got a mild 99 degree fever for a few hours 

3 weeks ago- Came down with flu-like symptoms for about 3 days (sore throat, congestion, fever, body aches, etc.); After the fever first broke I had some on and off mild fevers of about 99 degrees 

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CAR-T Gene Therapy Approved this Week


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Terrified of relapse!!!’ Opinions plz

 I’m 28 years old and February 2017 I was diagnosed with stage 2 Hodgkin’s lymphom. In April I started ABVD 12 treatments. ( 6 cycles ) I had clear Petscan within 2 cycles and finished my treatment until September 12th! I was not feeling good the week I went for follow up CT i was having coughing and having minor chest pains. I went for my appointment October 17 & my oncologist said there was a very slight increase in one of the lymph nodes in my chest. My doctor told me not to worry but they wanna do a pet scan just to be sure!!

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Finally diagnosis

My daughter had a pet scan and CT done on Tuesday. She had port put in on Wednesday and her 1st round of chemo(ABVD). Doctor called me yesterday and said she had classical Hodgins lymphoma, stage 3 with symptoms. She has a 9cm mass in chest. They going to send her to radiation for consultation after she's done with chemo. They said she's going to have at least 6 cycle's. After 2 cycles she'll go for another pet scan to see if there's any metabolic activity. The day after chemo she was acting like her old self again and way over did everything.

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Wait & Watch continues:) NHL (follicular)

Hello all.  Just returned from oncologist visit and results of my CT scan show the 2 nodes in groin and hotspot in pelvis same size since May.  No symptoms, will continue "Wait and Watch" for another 3 months.  Some of you know I live in No. California and just experienced the horrific fires.  My heart goes out to all suffering, we are all safe here and fires almost contained.  Leaving for W. Australia to meet new grandson (as planned for 5 weeks) home for 2 weeks and will do another CT scan, then if all good - off to Brazil to see my grandgirl there for 3 weeks.  

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Sandy Ray
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Deauville Score 2

Well I posted inside a thread but thought I would post it in a new discussion because threads sometimes get old or jumbled.

Finished RCHOP July 3 ,2017.  PET scan in early September showed some activity and a Deauville Score of 4. My local Oncologist wanted me to go out to MD Anderson since my spleen was so enlarged and the areas of activity were on the spleen. He thought they might do a biopsy of the spleen and felt better about me having that done at MD Anderson.

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Sandy Ray
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Allogenic Stem Cell Transplant

I have friend who has a niece who will be getting an allogenic stem cell transplant.can anyone tell me what is the most critical time during this process. He is in another state and was wondering when he should be there for support.

Sandy Ray

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Rituxan Hycela: Rituximab via injection

Hi - I have never posted before, but thought my recent experience might be of interest to anyone receiving Rituxan therapy. I was diagnosed July 2016 with SMZL - splenic marginal zone lymphoma. My bone marrow, spleen and blood are all involved and my blood numbers were such that my cancer was categorized as stage four (which was initially rather alarming, but in this case simply means it was past the "watch and wait" phase and it was time to treat it).

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R-Chop Fatigue

Hi, my father being diagnosed of NHL stage 4 - age:54 , has completed his second round of R-Chop last tuesday. First week was pretty amazing alhamdullilah. No nausea or anyother issues - mild pain in bones after neulasta shots on day 3,5 and 7. 
Today is his 8th day and he is feeling extremely fatigued, both physically and mentally. 
We are worried to see him that way - he was hoping to go to office to carry out his usual activities till yesterday - as he was feeling better. 
But as day passed he started feeling hell exhausted, and sleepless from last night . 

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Systematic or hypochondriac?..... help

 I could go on all day, I’m 41 yr., healthy mother of two, was doing cross fit 3 to 4 Times a week, but I’m just gonna go ahead and type up my symptoms


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