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Skin Cancer

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Should I be at all concerned?

Yesterday I noticed around and under my mole was sore, swollen and is red around it. Should I be at all concerned? Please see picture.


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Is this skin cancer?

ive been getting these new freckles throughout my body over the past few months.Some on my belly,one on my finger,and some on my arms.I haven’t been out in the sun too much the past couple of months so I’m not sure where they came from.If anyone has an idea of what these could be please let me know.Im just worried it may be skin cancer.Thanks. 


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Really worried after melanoma


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EC survivor now have infiltrating basal cell on temple


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Basil cell on my back,

I had a mole removed from my upper back, last year? It was right under my bra strap, so was getting irritated a lot. No problem, the dr just burned it off. And never heard anything else about. I was diagnosed with anal cancer this year. Just finished my treatments about 3 weeks. The dr send me to the dermatoligist  some moles I had on my face. So I go in and the nurse asks me did ever follow up from my last visit, where they found basil cell on that one! I told her I was never notified anything about it. Luckily they got the whole thing and has healed very well.

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Deviated septum or flesh eating?

I had mrsa but is this just a deviated septum or is the flesh eating its way around the septum? I seen a ent specialist once he didn't say much just offered surgery I had lost my job and insurance and never had it fixed. I'm 27 now https://ibb.co/d6K9H5 its on.my profile pic as well


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Basal cell carcinoma (perirectum)

We just got biopsy results yesterday that my mom has Basal cell carcinoma, its located on the perineum skin closer to the anus area. I haven't got to see report but this is all he told my mom and said its the most treatable type. My mom has had Melanoma in the past that was taken off by Wide local excision back in 2013 with no recurrence, caught it very early. So now this is another blow but the least serious kind of Skin Cancer but still scary to deal with. The Dr. didn't think it was anything but found it strange to have rough skin that area so during a Punch biopsy it revealed this.

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Skin graft

I recently found out that I have to have a skin graft after a series of tumors are removed from my scalp. The idea of shaving my head is bothersome, but what is really worrying me is the skin graft. I have no idea what to expect. I'm getting different information from everyone I speak with. Has anyone had this done? I could really use some kind of idea what is going to happen. Thanks

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New mole, help?


Hi everyone,

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Stage 2 Melanoma - Preventing Nausea when taking Dabrafenib (Tafinlar)

A friend of mine has Stage 2 Melanoma skin cancer and she is going to be taking Dabrafenib.

Does anyone have experience taking this drug?

Are there any tips or suggestions anyone can offer related to nausea when taking this medication?

Thank you for any information you can provide!



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