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Liver Cancer

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Waiting results...CT question?

I have had abdominal pain for 2 months got me worried halloween went to ER..abdominal/ pelvis  CT with out contrast was done and came back with nothing ....then 2 weeks later still that bloated can't eat abdominal pain and blood in stool ..back to ER had another CT with and with out contrast again and colonoscopy and endoscopy..all came back nothing alarming ...well pain in upper abdominal still and went for US ...now worried its my liver ..wouldn't the 2 CT scans of told me if something was seen ?....

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Portal vein tumor

My dad has been recently diagnosed with two masses in his liver and it has spread to the main portal vein. He is being seen at MD Anderson for treatment (which I haven’t been very pleased with, but I’ll save that for another time.) he has recently started nexavar and I’m just wondering if there is anybody that has a loved one that was still able to beat this with portal vein invasion and also where they were seen and what types of treatment were recommended. I’d also love to hear any recommendations for keeping them positive and fighting.

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Liver and prostate cancer

Anybody have liver and prostate cancer at the same time, I've just been diagnosed with prostate cancer that's unrelated to my liver cancer. Liver cancer has been taced twice with successful results. Urologist wants my liver transplant team to prioritize me for transplant before prostate surgery. If not will come up with another plan for prostate cancer.


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SIRT Y90 for Liver Tumors - Any opinions/experience?


Came back from the hospital with a 2nd opinion from another oncologist.  Mom has stage 4 colon cancer met liver.  Been on a few chemo combinations for 2 years.  Now this new oncologist says that mom is a good candidate for SIRT Y90 for her liver tumors.  Anyone got experience with SIRT Y90?  Any bad side effects?  I did some research and it seems it has high success rate.

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Great news for HCC Patients

FDA approved the PD-1 inhibitor, nivolumab (Opdivo) for the treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) after disease progression despite treatment with sorafenib.

More here:

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just had my first liver ultrasound

I have pics of the liver but I i can't tell much about them.   It's going to be a long weekend. 

Can anyone scribe their ultrasound images?



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HCC Stage C with Tumor in IV, PV, HV

My Dad is diagnosed as HCC stage C with tumor blockade in PV, IV and HV. Doctor suggested SORANIB but later explained this medicine having number of side effects which will lead to a painful time, so we stopped. Expected life time guessed by doctors are 1-3 month. No treatement is possible because of Blockade.  Can someone guide?

Al Martin
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Liver cancer pain

I was diagnosed 10/15 Have had a resection. Have had two other small tumors discovered, one agin in the liver and another in a lympth node. I do not qualify for a transplant. My ongoing problem is pain management. It seems in the current political evinonment this is a touchy issue but for those like me it is a horrible thing. Is this a common problem for other pain sufferers?

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External drain from liver to bag

I have had five Bilary duct stents place that did not work.  My bilirubin is over eleven.  They just plaaced the sixth stent which is a permanent one.  It is metal and wider.  Hopefully it wwill work otherwise I have to have a tube from my liver to an external bag.

Has anyone had one?  Can anyone give me some advice?

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For Father facing TACE/resection

Hello members,

I just have a couple questions. My father has been diagnosed with liver cancer recently. I don't know the exact stage, but the doctor said somewhere in the middle. He has 3 tumors, two of which are 4 cm and one at 2 cm. 

1. We were explained the first step would be transarterial chemoemobilization and then eventually resection.  Also they would try to increase the size of the healthy liver tissues to maximize successful resection. Does anyone know what this "increasing" procedure is called?


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