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Liver Cancer

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Rare liver surgery

I am not sure if this will help anyone but wanted to share this.  I shared it on the correctol discussion board.

I wanted to share what I found in my local news:




A Tampa man is cancer free thanks to an extreme liver surgery.

Sixty-seven-year-old Ken Brant was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2011. He had surgery to remove the tumor, but in December 2016 he was diagnosed with liver cancer.

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Becoming Real

Since I was diagnosed with HCC in Decemebr 2014 I've felt like I have been just playing with having cancer, even though I had five tumors and initially given a year to live.  Since then, i have had three TACE prcedures and one RFA performed, which have been very successful in shrinking or stopping growth.  Prior to each treatment my AFP would increase significantly and then fall into the normal range, only to start climbing again shortly after the treatment.  Currently, the AFP is rising and scans are not showing any new growths of tumors.  My oncologist thinks the cancer is circulating aro

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Does anyone have experience with bile duct, gall bladder, liver cancer? My husband has just been diagnosed and I am looking for advice on how to manage symptoms of bloat and gasiness . His main complaint seems to be abdominal discomfort. I can't seem to get the right combination of meds and/or foods. 

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HCC and Opdivo

I was diagnosed with HCC late in 2014 and since have had three TACE procedures and one RFA.  AFP levels go up without anything showing on scans so now the oncologist wants to try me on Opdivo.  Does anyone have any experience with this therapy?  Side effects?

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We dont know yet for sure if its cancer or not but im having some liver problems and was wondering what some of your symptoms were prior to diagnosis these are my symptoms im having


Cant keep anything down weather its fluids or food i get severe dirreah right after eating or drinking anything 

Pain in right upper abdomen and goes through my back.

stool not normal either pure yellow water or very loose stool best way to describe it is iodine yellow color 

fatigue very tired very easly 

i have no energy 

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Chemo embolization after effects

I am 5 days past my embolizatio. This is my 3rd one. Never before, have I experienced the pain like this. It feels like a knife in my ribs!!!!!!!     Has anyone experienced this?????

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Any experience with TARE

Hi Everyone,

I am new to this forum and I am looking for some answers which I am unable to find. My dad has HCC and has been doing TACE + RFA but now the cancer has spread to portal vein and have been advised TARE.

I wanted to know if anyone has an experience with the procedure? what to expect? how effective is the procedure and the rate of recurrence?

Thanks in advance

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I need some SUPPORT?

I've been the prime caregiver for my dad for almost a year since he was diagnosed with liver cancer. For about a week now he is going downhill, I have to change him, lift him and put him into his wheelchair, cook for him & take him to his appointments. I could use some support.

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at my wits end

My husband has stage 4 pancreatic cancer and I don't seem to be able to motivate him to do anything. I understand that it must be terribly hard to be told you have cancer and cannot be cured. I am trying to motivate him to get even a little exercise but he just says it's not time, he is too tired. He was my caregiver 7 years ago when I was diagnosed with lung cancer. Fortuneatly I was able to have surgery and was cured. We have different attitudes toward life. I see the glass half full and he sees it half empty. I just needed to vent to someone who understands.

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Mother diagnosed 2 years ago

Hi all. I've been googing quite a bit but nothing seems to have the right answer, and maybe there isnt one. My mother was a very heavy drinker. Gave her a stroke about 5 years ago. Left her unable to speak and she didn't get around too good.   she was diagnosed with liver cancer about 2 years ago very early stage. she would still manage to get booze in her state. They said her only option was a transplant but they would try to keep the tumors at bay until that was possible.


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