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Kidney Cancer

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ACC repeal - latest attempt.....

It now looks like our friends in the GOP want to take the 'pre-existing' condition provision away From the ACA. 

This sounds like such better healthcare for all, doesn't it? :) 

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Help please

Hi guys so went to doc this week and there was blood in my urine

so I've just had bloods and ultra sound done this week waiting on results from doctor tomorrow 

so Ive had for the past 2 years

4-5 pees per night

lower back pain (constant)

feel like I'm constantly needing to pee when lying on my right side

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My turn

I'm a 63 yr old very active retiree.  I hike, bike, swim and golf.  My world was turned upside down on 3/31 when I was told I had a 9cm mass in my right kidney.  More bad news after the MRI last week.   I am numb.  At first I said no surgery....what's the point.  The Urologist convinced me otherwise.  Surgery to remove kidney, nodes, vena cava resection on May 10.  Target drugs to follow.   I have been reading your network for several weeks.  It is very informative....thank you all.  It has been a great help.  I am trying to prepare myself mentally and physically for recovery.

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Back in Hospital

Went back for scans and they showed bile duct redction and blood work showed high elevations of liver and pancrease enzymes.  That was the bad news, good news is no new cancer in lungs and embolized liver tumors are still blacked out.

They admitted me on Tuesday, had stent put in to open bile duct ad proceded to get acute pancreatitis.  Also had a nast rash around crothch and thighs.  Stopped for suten for awhile, fluids, antibiotics, Fungus medication, on and on and on. 

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Surgery tomorrow

so the time has finally come...tomorrow is my turn to get this 3.6 cm alien out of my body. I'm not scared, just a bit anxious is all. It's amazing how many scenarios of what is going to happen can run through your mind. You try not to dwell on the bad ones but they seem to be the ones that always pop up. I find that I just have to stay focused on being positive and strong. I just want to say how much you guys have helped me get through this waiting period and I know you will be there for the next step in my journey...thanks...and I wish everyone in here good health

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Wife of kidney ...
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Financial struggles?

do any of you suffer the hit of financial struggle? My husband and I run a small roofing company and he does the roofing and I do the office work! We usually work

all spring summer and fall to have a little money put aside to go through ontarios neverending winter! The cancer diagnosis was a huge hit and now not being able to work is a total disaster! I am trying to do everything to keep our clientele but people don't want to wait until the middle of July! I was wondering if any of you had success with a go fund me?

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Opdivo Psuedoprogression

Just an FYI. 'Got my first scans back recently after being on Opdivo for three months. Mixed results. Some things disappeared; new things appeared.  Most alarming was a new 1.7cm lesion in my spine, yet no clinical symptoms.  At present it's being attributed to psuedoprogression.  Spooky nonetheless.  'Continuing with Opdivo--with a watchful eye on the spine lesions.

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Rescheduled my appointments for Insufficient Funds

My appointments were for 4/25/17, 4/26/17, and 4/28/17 at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas.  I didn't have the funds for the labs, specimens, CT, ultrasound, two doctor visits, etc.  I moved the appointments to August.  I've rescheduled these appointment multiple times.  I keep hoping that some miracle will happen and funds will drop from the sky.  My last trip to MD A.

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Cancer is actually Fungus?

So, I was diagnosed with RCC as a result of incidental finding post low back injury.  I have a 8cm tumor at my right kidney.  I am scheduled for a radical nephrectomy until 5/9/17...finally!  I have been waiting since mid March.  Naturally have been researching alternative treatments because the thought of losing an organ has set in and finally not very satisfied with that approach.  

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Another question

heres another question....anyone else go into the kidney surgery also having an umbilical hernia? If so....did they do anything about it as long as they were invading your insides, or did you have to wait and get that repaired later.  The closer I get to surgery the more things are floating through my mind


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