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Kidney Cancer

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help on my results please? does anything stand out to you?


i have a cyst in both my liver and kidney. the doctor has been keeping an eye on my kidney cysts since 2015. this year it grew .2 cm so now it's 2 cm in size. they were a little worried that it looked slightly complexed. i don't have any symptoms to worry about. but i'm just worried about what they said and how they're now refering me to a urologist. i was able to get an appointment right away and i see them tomorrow. do i need to worry? what should i expect? the results are below. does anything jump out? thank you in advance!


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Hospital Comfort

Hello everyone,

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Tomorrow is the day...

Well, tomorrow I undergo a partial-neph to get this demon cut out of me.  I've been waiting since July because I wanted a specific surgeon at Vanderbilt.  It's been a little stressful and now that it's here I'm rather anxious.  I've never had any symptoms, and my cancer was found by accident and luck, but these past couple of days I've had all sorts of weird twinges and quick pains in my left side.  I'm sure it's all in my head, but the stress really does weird things to you.  At this time tomorrow I'll be in surgery and I just want it to be over.  I'm hoping the recovery isn't too bad and

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Going to meet surgeon this morning

Headed to talk to my surgeon this morning feeling a little anxious and touch of relief. .Ready to get this 2.2 cm mass out of my body. I have been working through this since the end of august. NEED prayers hopefully we can get a partial Neph  scheduled soon  and move on with life!!!

Thanks everyone on this site you have been great when the mind goes to the dark side!!!

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Just a random question (something I was wondering about). Did anyone have a laparascopic partial nephrectomy scheduled, but due to complications, etc. end up having a radical or open surgery? Just curious. I also wonder if anyone's tumor grew between finding out and surgery time. Thanks!!!

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Nervous Newbie

I am still waiting on my results from yesterday's bone scan and chest xray...

But I have an appointment next week at MD Anderson and need to take all imaging and reports with me.  While gathering the reports I was able to see the findings of my CT Scan from 9/29/17:

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Thank you

i just wanted to thank everyone on this board!  For the past 3 months I have been waiting to determine if a 1.5 cm mass on my left kidney is cancer. The mass was found incidentally via a CT scan looking for appendicitis.  Turned out I had a severe kidney infection and for months it has been unclear if the mass is cancer or related to the infection. Today I learned the mass has disappeared.  

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Don't be afraid to make waves, or a tsunami

The month of September was stressful enough with a regular CT and then a brain MRI and another CT with a possible biopsy.  I started complaining with the first two days worth of screw-ups, which included a physical meeting with 2 administrators in the radiation department (who had zero power to change anything and just gave me soft excuses), and then a full letter to the hospital administrator.  Things just got worse, the more tests that were scheduled.

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What Am I in For???

Partial nephrectomy (laparascopic) is booked for Nov. 7th. I know it is a long surgery and am wondering what to expect upon waking up. How are the first few days? I am thinking it will be very painful even with meds. How was the removal of the drainage tube? How many incisions for ports did you have? When did you return to work fully (outside of the house with physical job)? I know everyone is different, but I am interested in reading responses. Thank you!!


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