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Kidney Cancer

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Going cross country will on cabo

I have been fighting the side effect game with Cabo for a few months now and my daughter asked me to take a trip across country from ny to ca.  I've told her no because I feel like crap 50 % of the time and Don't wanna be a burden to anyone .  My husband says I should go but I think it's to much.  I just don't think they understand.  I know my daughter is just trying to get me out of my rut that I am in but between the flight and traveling with a 2 and a half year old grandson.  It's just to much, am I wrong by not going using how I feel which is like crap . 

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What's For Dinner This Weekend??

Earlier this week I made a roast taters and sweet pepper dish that She Who Must Be Obeyed really loved...

5-6 med sized taters, skinned of you prefer, chunked to bite size.

Chunk enough multi-colored bell/sweet chilies to make an appx 50/50 ratio to the taters.

Olive oil to coat and salt, pepper, onion and garlic powder to taste.  Mix well.

Turn out onto baking sheet or into aluminium pans, roast @ 450 for 30 min, turning and stirring @ 15 min.

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Cabo - maybe these tips will help someone..

I was treated with Sutent and Opdivo which only worked for me for a short time and then things got quite a bit worse.  I then switched to Cabo and within days felt better, and started healing.  My scan after 8 weeks showed significant decrease in my tumor sizes and my back mets pain almost went completely.  


I found a few things that made a big difference for managing side effects. I realize we all respond differently to these drugs but if any of this helps someone, I'm very happy share.

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Opinions would be greatly appreacited

Hi Everyone

On October 5, 2012 I had surgery to remove my left kidney.  11CM Stage 3 Grade 3.  The tumor had invaded the renal sinus and muscular veins,  I was then 50 years old

I had scan every three months for a year, then every six months and after 3 years once a year.   In October of 2016  the scan disclosed three nodules in my kidney and I had an MRI with subtractive imaging and the pathologist concluded they were cysts.

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Three Years NED

I have not been active on these boards in a while.  While I have been fine, I have been dealing with both of my brothers having different forms of cancer.  Younger brother who lives alone had throat cancer, and fortunately, he is doing well after surgery.  Older brother is still dealing with a rare lymphoma and tumors in his eyelids.  He is still working through treatment options and is dealing with it.  Who would have guessed three brothers would go 3/3 with totally different cancers.  We are the cancer lottery winnners! 

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Finally Had the Nerve to Read the Test Results

and the doctor's notes read --

CT/PET scan looks good, no cancer is found

Thank you guys for helping me have the courage to read the online scan results before the appointment next week!!

The radiologist note does mention scar tissue at the surgery site but it doesn't appear as a malignant formation.  I am trying not to worry too much over that.

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Sutent to Opdivo

My liver functions all screwed up and have to get off Sutent after two years.  Going onto Opdivo end of next month.  Can anyone tell me their experience?





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Help, going to surgery!

Hello everyone, very glad to have found this website.  Well done to you all!   I wish to just brief my situation with hopes to get a few replies.


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July 17th, 2012 - today....

This time 5 years ago I was being wheeled into the ICU after a 'Full Right-Neph'. 

Thank you to this community for all the love & support; I pray that with 'God's Will' I'll be posting another one of these messages in another 5 years :)

God Bless everyone! 

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Anyone been diagnosed with this type of rcc

Hello.  My husband had a biopsy of his kidney tumor and he was diagnosed with Clear Cell Papillary Renal Cell Carcinoma.  This is not the same as either classic papillary or clear cell rcc.

From the American Journal of Surgical Pathology......


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