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My Story

Hi all,

Just joined the forums today, looking for some help with questions (posted elsewhere). Long and short of it. My father has been diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer with bone metastasis. He is 71. I am 45, and the only daughter in the family. Parents divorced when I was a baby. Lost my wonderful step-father 9 years ago (9 months after my only child was born) to liver cancer. Never had the greatest relationship with my bio-dad, and cut him out of my life for about 8 years. Re-established contact about 4 years ago. 

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Mums cancer diagnosis


My mum (65) was just diagnosed with stage 2 HCC. She's never really drank and to get this diagnosis has been a shocker. I am so angry and so confused. I don't know what the future holds.

She wants me to move back home. I just finished college and was looking forward to working and applying to graduate programs. I lost my dad to heart disease 10 years ago. I feel like I just can't catch a break!


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Hi....need to vent.....too much going on...(long rant)


I'm relatively new to the caregivers field.    The wife was diagnosed with 1st stage, triple-negative breast cancer about 6 weeks ago.  since then, she has had successful surgery, just completed her localized(internal) radiation, and is set to heal for around 3-4 weeks before starting TC chemo(4 doses over 12 weeks)

All in all we are extremely lucky as to when it was caught, treatment so far and prognosis.  compared to a lot of you, she(we) don't even begin to scratch the surface of what many of you have been through and/or are going through.

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My Best Friend Has Cancer

On Monday (3 days ago), my best friend in the entire world -- who is like my big brother, my protector, my confidante -- who I have spoken to daily for years now...found out he has Lymphoma. The same cancer that killed his aunt last year and is currently killing his father. 

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Dad's Feeling Sorry for Himself... Advice?

Hi, so my dad had his third major surgery in three years March 31, he was diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma (liver bile duct cancer) February 2013. This surgery he had a 21" incision from sternum to below belly button, made to perform exploratory searches to find whether or not he had more cancer or scar tissue causing obstructions in his intenstines. They did find he had little "studs" of cancer in and around the lining of his intestines, and he was also given an ostomy...

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Ms Vick 76
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Extended Family Advice

My father was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer a year and a half ago. Previous to this diagnosis and increasingly more persistently afterward we encouraged and pleaded with him to move from Ohio where he lived alone to North Carolina with my husband and I. Understandably he resisted and wanted to live independently for as long as possible.

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When you feel unappreciated/taken for granted by a parent with cancer

My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer last year.  I give up what would have been the start of a new career to move back to a state/city that I absolutely hate to be there for her. I have been there from the beginning of chemotherapy to surgery. I am an only child so it has been me doing it all. What bothers me the most is my mother's attitude that it's my duty to be there, that nothing I do is enough/right. That how I feel(tired/aching/overwhelmed) is insignificant because she's the one with cancer.

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My wife has stage IV endometrial cancer, and I cannot stand her

I have been with my wife for 16 years.  Together we raised a blended family (I have one son and two stepsons).  I raised her kids, shopped, cooked and cleaned.  I helped the kids  with their homework, and tutored one with a learning disability.  He is a good boy, and he is graduating from college next month.  All this, while keeping a demanding IT job, and while my wife practiced medicine like Albert Schweitzer.  I loved my wife, and my stepkids, and was intensely loyal to them. I was proud to support her in her kindess to her patients.  That has all changed.

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Orange County, CA


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What to Expect?

Hi there - My mother (55) was diagnosed with Stage 3 Stomach Cancer. She also has cancer in the lymph nodes around the stomach. I am 35. My dad and I are now her "caregivers" She had her porta-cath put in yesterday. Today the radiologist said that we will do 5 days per week for 5-6 weeks, and the chemo as well. My mom feels like for the most part she will be able to drive herself and take care of herself...but I am really really doubtful.

She has not been able to eat more than about 600-800 calories a day since January. I can only image that it will get much worse.


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