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Emotional Support

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Basically disintegrating alone ...

Smell that apparently only I can smell...

by kelsOH on Sun Nov 12, 2017 07:24 PM

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I'm mid diagnosis of what I strongly feel is cervical or ovarian cancer that has spread to my lymph nodes and stomach.

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A Shout Out for Sandy

My sister wrote this on her Facebook page:

"Please, in memory of someone who died or who fought cancer, or even who has cancer, copy and paste. Then write "done" in the comments so I can thank you! I know we all know at least one person, maybe more. Cancer is such a terrible thing I think this deserves to be reposted. I pray daily that a cure is found."

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Newly diagnoosed and need support

Last Thurday, October 26th I was diagnosed with Follicular Lymphoma. They don't know what stage it is yet. They do know I have enlarged lymph nodes in my neck, both arnpits and groin. Those are the ones they can see. I am getting a port put in on Monday. This type of Lymphoma is not curable but they can at least manage the symptoms with chemo. I was born with Spina Bifida which means I am paralized from the waist down and use a wheelchair. I live with my parents for support.

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Need support


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Hi, Everything seems so hard right now.  Getting ready to meet with oncologists to discuss treatment.  Already trying to stay positive about this whole thing and then I get hit with having to break up with my long term boyfriend. Turns out he has been lying and never got divorced. So now, even though I have lots of support from family and friends, I lost someone who I thought was going to be there for me while fighting cancer.  I can't handle anymore bad news. I need something good to happen.  Seems like the wrong thing to bring up in a cancer forum, just needed to vent a little.

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Bf now at anger stage sorry long

So as you all know bf has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. I think he was in a denial stage and we had some issues that I posted earlier. He is due to start taking Pazopanib in two weeks, but has decided for fourth opinion and go to the widely known cancer hospital in the city. He asked my opinion and I told him it is a good idea. He made the appointment the other day and began to get distant again. I gave him his space and have not bothered him.

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Should I visit a relative who also has cancer?

Hi everyone

my husband's cousin just got word from his doctor that he wasn't going to make it

he has metastatic disease all over and it is now in his brain lungs and other vital organs 

my husband wants to visit him this weekend

i have uterine cancer myself and just finished chemo I am doing well but neuropathy and fatigue persist and make a long trip to another city 3 hours from home seem very daunting I worry I will fall as the neuropathy makes it a little dangerous to walk much

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Books and articles about RESILIENCE

How middle age can build coping skills?
Resilience is an emotional muscle that you can train by:
1- Practicing Optimism
2- Rewriting your story
3- Not personalizing it
4- Remembering your comebacks
5- Supporting others
6- Taking stress breaks
7- Going out of your comfort zone

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i dont know what i feel right now...

wed i was told that the drs are stopping things here. my dad sits at home after a surgery i feel was pointless - removal of cancer in which they removed his nose and are now saying they cant or wont fix it bc his insurance will not pay for the bone to be replaced that they removed. no more targeted radiation, no more chemo... i want him to try alternative treatments... and i want to be able to help him to get his physical appearance back so that he will feel able to face the world.

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College Student's Mom has Cancer


My mom was diagnosed with a rare form of ovarian cancer when I was in the 4th grade. We lived on a military base in Okinawa. My dad was deployed in Iraq. She was in a foreign country with three kids. I didn't even know what was going on. They didn't use the word cancer with me. I just knew she was going away to have a surgery, and my grandparents were flying over to watch us kids. I had nightmares both my parents were going to die, and I was going to be an orphan. But they didn't, they both came back. Everything returned to normal.


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