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Financial help or ideas

Hey, this is very diffrent for me to do but i am not sure what i can do for my situation. My daughter was diagnosed with leukemia about a year ago. Since then she has gotten to maintaince. I tried to go to work annd put her in daycare and she got to the point the sicknesses kept home from daycare really messed with her chemotherapy at home. I couldnt stand the idea i was risking her remission for financial stability. To make matters worst im a single mom. I was think of doing online schooling and maybe apply for a scholarship to help with living and education costs.

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New to this Forum

I am a member who has been on the Colon Cancer forum.  I went through treatment for that last year (surgery followed by chemotherapy) and thought I was doing well.  My WBC started rising in April of this year and by September is was very high.  In the middle of all this, I lost my job and insurance and had to change to a new oncologist.  He did a lot of blood work followed by a bone marrow biopsy today and I am being told I now have developed CML.

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57 year old women diagnoses with ALL

my mother was diagnosis from ALL . Now she had 3 round of chemo after 3rd chemo she got blood clot in her neck and having feber daily. Today fever goes to 102.7. She feels very weak all the time. I am giving medicine for fever but after every 6 hours fever come back. Is this thing happen with someone else also. She will be admitted in hospital today back.

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CAR T Therapy Breakthrough for Leukemia and other cancers

This is in the latest edition of Time Magazine.




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Who should I tell

Just diagnosed at 55.  No symptoms other than WBC that climbed over two years to 20k.  Gp thought at first it was allergies or just something I was fighting like sinus or cold But due to the continue climb sent me to local Oncologist.  He looked at my recent blood test and pre diagnosed cll.  Took 4  of blood and told me to come back in a week.   I was in Complete shock.  I work out daily in great shape active my life is good until this bombshell.

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High calcium or vitamin b12 levels

Has anyone had high levels of vitamin b12 or high labels of calcium in blood? Looking for support and any information you may have of what your symptoms were and what diagnosis was made. Thank you am desperate to connect with others. Feeling so alone and no one can give me answers or hope. 

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24 year old female concerned about leukemia


I am trying to find out what was it that made you get tested to be diagnosed?

I have had 3 blood test done and have spoken over the phone with a doctor that seems to be as concerned as I am. I have all the symptoms of leukemia and my blood test results have been adnormal in sorts it shows it might be leukemia.

I am 32 weeks pregnant now at 24 years old and have had the symptoms for over 2 years but have never really consider it. Can anyone tell me what was your first indication?

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Head is itchy and scabby while hair is growing back..??

My last chemo was in December of last year.

My hair is growing back but it's also getting very itchy and scabby.

Has anyone gone through this or going through it now?

If so, any products to reccomend besides the common head and shoulders?

I also have an autoimmune disorder, Sjogren's. It dries the skin and body from within and I'm not sure if this might possibly be the case.

Any info would be appreciated. 

Thank you

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Hair Regrowth

Hey guys,

I had a bone marrow transplant last year and my hair is taking a long time to grow back.

The doctors say that most peoples come back thinner, another colour and really curly.

Before my hair loss I had very thick, long wavy hair.

It has since grown back a bit darker and straight. The top part of the hair still has missing gaps, I have seen an improvement but I was just wondering if there is anyone similar to me? And if there is anything I can do to help growth...

I have since shaved it twice to help improve growth. Not sure if it does though.

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I was dignosed in December with cll. I have had ct scans and shceduled for pet scan in June. My dr was going to start chemo last week but since I'm still feeling ok decided to wait.


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