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Bladder Cancer

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This recent publication showed a cost effective, noninvasive way to determine genetic alterations in metastatic Bladder Cancer. The authors found DNA sequencing from tumor DNA circulating in plasma reveled driver mutations that are often target-able by drugs. http://clincancerres.aacrjournals.org/content/early/2017/08/04/1078-0432.CCR-17-1140

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Recurrence with treatment questions

I was diagnosed with stage 3 bladder cancer back in 2015.Underwent 4 months of chemo then major surgery to remove bladder as well as prostate and surrounding lymph nodes then had a neo bladder constructed.All was fine and check ups ok until I began to have symptoms occur which ranged from constant back/torso pain as well as intermittent blood clots. This past Thursday had a bronchoscopy performed and was verified that cancer had returned in lymph nodes in both lungs and oncologist did classify it to be stage 4 at this time.

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UTUC and chemotherapy


My mom was diagnosed with Upper Tract Urothelia Carcinoma- after surgery we found out it was stage 3, high grade and localized. A portion of her urteter was removed.

Our next step is 4 rounds of preventative chemotherapy. Her treatment is the same as if she was diagnosed with bladder cancer. 

Has anyone had experience with cancer starting in the ureter? What has been your experience with preventative chemotherapy? I appreciate any feedback. 

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Bladder cancer in kidney?

Bladder cancer but its in my kidney? Anyone?

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do choronic bladder inflammation can cause bladder cancer

hi pls reply ..bladder cancer survivors ..do you experience years of choronic bladder inflammation or micro hemuturia before having cancer 

ive microscopic blood cells in urine from more than 4 years and my bladder walls are imflammed ihad 2 biopsies in past 4 years and several cystoscopies ..but no cancer yet ..im on cancer watch ..do choronic inflammation leads to cancer ?? 

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Possible Cancer

I am a 57 year old male. Smoked for about 18 years, but have recently quit. Have had kidney and prostate infections since I was in my 20's. Kidney stones came into play roughly 20 years ago. I have had blood in my urine many times while having kidney stones and when I had infections. In the past four or five months I have had issues with pain in my bladder, blood in my urine and blood clots in my urine. All this accompanied by burning when I urinate, feeling a urgent need to urinate, unable to empty my bladder and getting up in the night to urinate up to 15 times a night.

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What can I do while waiting for 2nd TUR?

Hi there, new to the forum. Just being diagnosed with High Grade T1/2. I am 46 and looks like I was brought down by my bad habits when I was young.  

I had a TUR in early April and the biopsy was not conclusive, so I will need to wait for another month before taking another re-section. The waiting just adds to my anxiety.

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Bladder Removal vs Bag


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bladder cancer at 23yrs old

hi all.

i have not long been diagnosed with bladder cancer but they havnt done any test to prove other then a visual look inside my bladder,

off that visual look they have said that i have a very large tumour, my question is, is there a big enough differnce in the look of a tumour to tell wether they are benign or cancerous?

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Post NeoBladder Surgery


I'm a new member here and I'm hoping to find other other women primarily but interested in hearing from men too who have a neobladder and are willing to share their post surgery experiences with me here.


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