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Bladder Cancer

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worried on 3rd day aft chemo

I just got my first round 3 days ago...I'm worried cuz I forgot to pickup the vitamins and steroids and today's Thanksgiving so I can't get them. I'm not eating like I should and don't drink water like I should. I'm starting to feel yucky  I have some women's vitamins...think I'll take them. Do you think I'll be OK til I get my prescriptions?  

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Bladder Hemangioma

HI - bladder hemangioma - arteriorvenus malformation kind. Did anyone hear of it? From what i hear and read it's extremely rare. Uro aleady biopsied, fulgurized it. The clots keep coming with gross hemautria. They want to fulgurize again. Would tthat be the righ tthing to do. Thank you all.

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BCG treatment Immunotherpy Best Practices Before/During/ After

Check with anyone who has had BCG Immmunotherpy treatments. What are the best practices befoe/during/after treatment and foods/supplements to avoid, pain ?

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Some rookie questions: bladder cancer treatment


Last week, I had the surgery (TURBT?), which apparently went well. Spent the night and was home the next day. More reecently, the doctor and pathologist informed me that my situation is as follows:

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Newly Diagnosed with Bladder Cancer

Hi, glad I found this site.  I am 61 years old / never smoked other than SECOND HAND.  I have a history of kidney stones and occasional blood in urine.  But I always assumed it was from the stones and never got alarmed.  I went in for a CT scan for another issue and a small 5mm mass was ssen on my bladder.  I followed up with my urologist and after a cysoscopy and a TURBT I was diagnosed with bladder cancer. I have some questions.  Biopsy results are as follows:

A) Bladder Biopsy #1

     Urothelial mucosa with congestion No definite evidence of maligancy

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Waiting for biopsy result- tumour in bladder

My husband 42 yrs, tumour was found in bladder in his annual check up. Urologist has removed the tumour(3.4x.6 CMs)next day byTubrt and sent for biopsy. There were absolutely no symptoms. Waiting for the result now. Annual check last year was perfect. 

Any insights on probability of tumour being cancer? Going crazy 


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Bladder cancer

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Bladder cancer

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This recent publication showed a cost effective, noninvasive way to determine genetic alterations in metastatic Bladder Cancer. The authors found DNA sequencing from tumor DNA circulating in plasma reveled driver mutations that are often target-able by drugs. http://clincancerres.aacrjournals.org/content/early/2017/08/04/1078-0432.CCR-17-1140

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Recurrence with treatment questions

I was diagnosed with stage 3 bladder cancer back in 2015.Underwent 4 months of chemo then major surgery to remove bladder as well as prostate and surrounding lymph nodes then had a neo bladder constructed.All was fine and check ups ok until I began to have symptoms occur which ranged from constant back/torso pain as well as intermittent blood clots. This past Thursday had a bronchoscopy performed and was verified that cancer had returned in lymph nodes in both lungs and oncologist did classify it to be stage 4 at this time.


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