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Rare and Other Cancers

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Signet Ring Cell Carcinoma

my wife was diagnosed with this last month. She has had 2 surgeries and is starting chemo next week. Anyone have this diagnosis and have been through this? Thanks, Tim

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Ovarian mass/appendix originated?

I am 32 years old.. always been pretty healthy.. starting in dec 2016, I began to have some right lower quadrant discomfort... but I had been having bouts of constipation/diarrhea so I didn't think much of it.. in January i started my menses and just never stopped.. I had always been consistent. 3 days done.. so I scheduled an appt for my gyno.. on feb 14th she sent me for an ultrasound because she thought my uterus felt enlarged.. also some labs.. ultrasound revealed a right ovary mass measuring 7.5x4.5 and labs CA-125 -141 and CEA 7.5.. I was referred to a gynecological oncologist.

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Diagnosed with uveal melanoma in December.  Radiation plaque therapy in January.  Now looking t clinical trials.  Anyone else with this diagnosis?

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Lessons from My Father’s Experience (Pancreatic Cancer)


It's been two years since my father's passing. I packed everything up and had to move across the country to get away from it all. Now that I can finally face what happened without going into a dark place and blaming myself, I'd like to share the lessons and specific experiences my family learned with you all. I sincerely hope you won't make the same mistakes we did.


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Marie B
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Pancreatic Cancer

I was given 1 years to live in September 2016. Pancreatic mass was 2/3 of the pancreas. I have been doing chemo and was told yesterday that the mass is gone. I want to share this to give others hope. I am still on chemo. I still have some inflamation in and around the main blood vessel. I am so happy! My doctor said we now dont have an experation date. She even looked surprised. All I read on the internet was so terrible. Seems everyone with Pancreatic cancer dies within 1 year and even the lucky ones no more than 5. I was diagnosed in April 2016. I feel great!

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Potential Bile Duct Cancer

Hi All.

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My mother 56 year old detected with gallbladder cancer spread to liver, lymph nodes and lungs

My mother was suffering from abdominal pain for years now but she had never got herself checked. Recently again she had got fever, direhha stomach pain so we treated for that after which she has got jaundice symptoms. Her eyes are yellow since last 15 days and she has on and off pain under her ribs to abdomen. In her CT scan the report says that her gallbladder is well distended shows hyperdense minimally enhancing constrictive soft tissue mass lesion in midbody with associated multiple tiny calculi within its lumen.

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Cancer #5 was just diagnosed. Holding out hope!

Just found this website and discussion boards.   Do I g my best to stay positive.   Had basal cell at 28 and over 100 since then, all on my face.   Had melanoma on my face at 33.  Had to force my doctor to take a biopsy since it was a perfectly round, beige mole but it had bled from all the pores one day.    Breast cancer was discovered accidentally at 52 when going to my primary for something else.   Blessed that it was stage one.  Went thru taxol, radiation and five years of tamoxifen.

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Private Message Spam

Hello everyone,

Thank you to all of you who have alerted us to the PM spamming from earlier today. I apologize for the inconvenience. While we do have securities in place, we are not always able to catch all spam, and we are trying to figure out how this one got around our system. If you received a message from jegac1 please do respond to it or share any of your information.

Jegac1 has now been blocked from the CSN site.

Again, I am sorry for the inconvenience. Please continue to report any email spammers or questionable behavior you see.

Best regards,

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Adult Gliomatosis Cerebri.

My father was just diagnosed with Gliomatosis Cerebriand, and because of the rarity of this cancer there isn't much information avaiable.  Does anyone have any information that could be helpful?   Any sucessful therapies or alternative therapies such as the use of canabis oils?


Thank You


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