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Rare and Other Cancers

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Pancreatic cancer side effects from folfirinox treatment with rittilan and or marijuana

Has anyone had experience treatin side effects with marijuana for naseua or weightloss due to lack of appitite?

Has anyone had experience using rittilan for fatigue?

Both appear in scientific literature.

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Bile duct cancer



 I was just digignosed with bile duct cancer and set for the whipple procedure in about a week, I am 48 and in good health and shape otherwise, but of course very nervous about this procedure, I have been told I am a great candidate for thi ssurgery and the cancer is local to the duct and has not spread, I ws just looking for soem post op information and what to expect in the time to come and the surgeons also stated Chemo may be needed


Thank you for any information


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Duodenal adenocarcinoma

My dad, age 83, was just diagnosed with duodenal adenocarcinoma in the top section.  He is not a candidate for whipple or for chemo, only palliative radiation.  The adenocarcinoma is bleeding, now controlled, but has not spread beyond the duodenum. They have said 6 month survival, but it is moderately diffused and they said if they had to stage it, it would be 2 or 3.  Does anyone have any insight as to what we we should expect??

Doug D
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Adrenal cancer stage 4

Hi all friends! My husband is going through treatment for ACC stage 4 since 2015 October. First he has severe back pain and light fever than after a month the general physician found the 7cm tumor in adrenal left. It spread to liver with many spots and in back L2 bone. After six cycles of chemotherapy his liver tumors responded and shrink in size but in very very mm level.After this he continued with radiation for his back bone tumor 1.x cm.

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Septum nasel cancer

Just wondering if anyone has been diagnosed with cancer of the septum in the nasel cavity? What were you early symptoms? How were you diagnosed? I am thinking I may have this as I have many of the symptoms. It is rare but happens. I am in contact with 2 other who have had this cancer. 

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Olfactory Neuroblastoma


Our son has been diagnosed with an Olfactory Neuroblastoma.  He's currently living in New York and plans to be treated at Mount Sinai. Anyone possibly have any information on treatment of this type of cancer at Mount Sinai?

I see from other forums that UVA, Pittsburg and Johns Hopkins seem to be the 3 recommended hospitals that have experience with this type of cancer.

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Gallbladder cancer

hi my name is candice, my mom brandy 43 a mother of 7 we are all in are 20s and she has a 1 and 3 year old she was recently diagnosed with stage 4 gallbladder cancer this past 2016 Christmas. Probably the worst Christmas of are lives, but still happy where able to have are mother here. She was put on chemo witch seemed to be working but her lasted MRI results indicated that she had 11 new tumors on her liver and surgery wasn't a option.

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Rectal cancer stage 4 and cancer on the abdominal wall

Hi guys,

Last year my husband had been fighting with rectal cancer stage 4, he been in the clear stage for couples months. Today when he had another surgery for his crohns dieses that he have for 38 year (4th Surgeries), the doctor just found that his cancer is back, and now is spread to his abdominal wall. We still don't know what stage of the cancer, are the cancer is aggressive or not. Doctor said that we can't do any treatments while he still have new wounds on his abdominal.

My questions is,if you guys knows or had been through..


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