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Rare and Other Cancers

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Spindle epithelial tumor with thymus like differentiation

Is there anyone out there that has had it?
My son had a tumor removed last year. Not much info. on it and no one to compare notes with. kheibein@sympatico.ca

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Malignant Glomus Tumors

is there anyone out there that has this rare tumor that I may share my story with?! I know that I am number 29 so there are 28 of you out there and I would like to know what happened in your cases. Contact me.

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pancreatic cancer

my mom was diagnosed with pan can in october 2001. after a failed whipple she received a bil.bypass because of her blockage in the bile duct. after and still recovering from the failed whipple at duke university medial center she has undergone 31 radiation treatments and 6 weeks of chemo 5fu to enhance radiation treatments. her followup ctscans are to be done in 1 week. she has lost a minimal amount of weight 5lbs.or less and her appetite is good. her fatigue and pain level continue to be high but her spirits are even higher. according to her results they are considering gemszaror rfs2000 any suggestions or comments would be appreciated. good luck to all patients and caregivers of this totally ravaging disease. thank you

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Cyst on remaining portion of pancreas after surgery

I had successful surgery for pancreatic cancer on Sept 9, when half the pancreas and all of the spleen was removed. However continued to have sever pain for the next three months. Finally they found that I have developed a cyst on the remaining portion of the pancreas, put me on time-released pain medication and took a "lets-wait-and see-what happens" attitude. SO...5 months after surgery I am either in extreme pain or "half-drunk" from the pain meds! I am scheduled for another CAT scan the first of March to see if they cyst has shrunk or grown, but I can not help but feel that it is still very much there or else why the pain? I also worry about becoming addicted to the pain medication (codeine). They did tell me that if it has grown or has not shrunk it would mean more surgery because there is so much scar tissue and not much pancreas left. It is terribly hard not to be depressed, wondering if maybe they are wrong and it IS cancer again, wondering if the cyst will come back if they do have to do surgery, wondering if I will EVER be my old self again. Has anyone else had this develope? If so, what was the outcome? Did the cyst return after being drained?

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Leiomyosarcoma chat

I am searching for survivors of leiomyosarcoma and would like to chat about treatments. Sandra from Alaska

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gall bladder cancer

My siser, who is 44 years old, was diagnosed in November, 2001, with gall bladder cancer. They were doing surgery to remove her gall bladder due to a lot of trouble she was having. When they went in they found the cancer. They removed her gall bladder and a portion of her liver. At this point the cancer is limited to a small spot on her liver that is too far in to remove surgically and they can't use radiation. She is currently undergoing chemotherapy. Her oncologist has given her 4-5 years to live. She was stage 4 when she left the hospital following her surgery. Does anyone have any information, current treatment options or hope to give?

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Klatskin Tumor

I was diagnosed in September with a klatskin tumor (it is a type of cholangio carcinoma). Rare cancer here in the US, more common in Asia. Anyone out there with this? Interested in your experience. Thanks.

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My Mother was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer

My mom was recently diagnosed. Last week, they attempted to do the whipple procedure. However, were unsuccessful due to the fact that the tumor was on 2 of the arteries. In approx 2 weeks, she will be starting chemo and radiation which will last approx 6 months to hopefully shrink the tumor so it will be operable. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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failed whipple

my mother had an attempted whipple as she seemed to be a good candidate, but the surgery was not completed due to blood vessel encapsulation. the surgeon did palliative bypasses and closed her up. she now faces 5-6 weeks of recovery and then chemo/radiation is being recommended. all i see in the literature is that chemo/radiation are palliative and do not extend life. any thoughts from anyone?

thanks, ann

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Any help?

My brother has been diagnosed with adenocarcinoma cancer. He is not in the United States. He is in very healthy condition overall and they can not find any tumor. He has cancer cells in his lung lining. The doctors are baffled, never seen anything like this before, don't know what to do. I am hoping someone else has had this experience and can direct me in some direction so I can help. I'm hoping that cancer research here in the United States has seen something like this and that there is hope.

Any comments would be appreciated.

Thank you.


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