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Rare and Other Cancers

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Gallbladder Cancer Diagnosis

Hi -

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Scared Malignant Sacrococcygeal Germ Cell Cancer Surviver

A little background: during my infancy for a year (back in 1989) I was hospitalized at Schneider’s Children’s Hospital (Now known at Cohens Children’s Hospital) in Long Island, N.Y. I was treated for malignant sacrococcygeal germ cell tumor. I had undergone multiple transfusions, chemotherapy rounds, bone marrow transplant, and ultimately reconstructive revision of the colorectal coccygeal area. 

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Medications and Trials

Small Intestine Cancer

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Alternative cancer therapy

Hello. I'm from the Netherlands and my father has been diagnosed with liver metastases from an Adenocarcinoma of Unknown Primary. Due to his condition he's unable to receive any conventional cancer therapy. The doctors think his liver is too weak to withstand chemo or radiation and the doctors say immunotherapy won't work either based on tests for MSI (micro-satalite instability). So now he's basicly been sent home with some medication to wait for his dying day.

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Radiation + Capecitabine: Others with this Combo?

Hello and best wishes to all. This is my first post. In Sept. 2017, I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and then went through 6 grueling months of chemotherapy. My tumor shrank and did not spread. But, due to blood clots in nearby veins, I was not a candidate for surgery. Today I am starting a new treatment -- radiation + oral chemo (Capecitabine pills). Has anyone else had this combination? I'm apprehensive about possible side effects. Thanks in advance for any advice and support.

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Mixed Maligant Mullerian Tumour


This is Fazil from india. 


My Mom (age 53) has tumour in uterus. 10 days before surgery done and uterus removed. after that uterus given to lab for test. test report says....that is Mixed Maligant Mullerian Tumour (carcinosarcoma) with  heterologous elements (obseoid), pathalogical stage pT3a.


Please explain about this.

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Tracheal metastasis of small cell cancer


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Need help! Olfactory neuroblastoma

my Mom found out not to long ago that she has olfactory neuroblastoma  it started by loosing her sense of smell and taste slightly, they then found pollups in her nose wich they did surgery on and got out but they also found the tumor at base of the skull.

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Carcinoid Syndrome with no diagnosis of Tumors

Hi from South Africa.  I've been experiencing a the symptoms of Carcinoid Syndrome for some time now. I've been treated for everyone of those symptoms seperately over the past few years. I've had Chronic diarrhea for so long, Shortness of breath that suddenly appeared this time last year, heart palpatations, now flushing and swelling of my extremities, especially my left foot, but also my abdomen.

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Hilar cholangiocarcinoma

Hi, Last week, my dad (75 years) diagnosed with Hilar cholangiocarcinoma with preferential extension into the left ductal system. Doctor placed a stent in the bile duct to allow the bile to drain into the small intestine.

Yesterday's PET scan revealed that his cancer has spread to lungs and Colon. Doctor not advised for chemo or radiation therapy because of the side effects involved in those procedure and also considering the age of the patient. Thinking of taking second advice from a different cancer specialist.
Any advice would be appreciated.


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