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Rare and Other Cancers

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Tracheal metastasis of small cell cancer


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Need help! Olfactory neuroblastoma

my Mom found out not to long ago that she has olfactory neuroblastoma  it started by loosing her sense of smell and taste slightly, they then found pollups in her nose wich they did surgery on and got out but they also found the tumor at base of the skull.

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Carcinoid Syndrome with no diagnosis of Tumors

Hi from South Africa.  I've been experiencing a the symptoms of Carcinoid Syndrome for some time now. I've been treated for everyone of those symptoms seperately over the past few years. I've had Chronic diarrhea for so long, Shortness of breath that suddenly appeared this time last year, heart palpatations, now flushing and swelling of my extremities, especially my left foot, but also my abdomen.

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Hilar cholangiocarcinoma

Hi, Last week, my dad (75 years) diagnosed with Hilar cholangiocarcinoma with preferential extension into the left ductal system. Doctor placed a stent in the bile duct to allow the bile to drain into the small intestine.

Yesterday's PET scan revealed that his cancer has spread to lungs and Colon. Doctor not advised for chemo or radiation therapy because of the side effects involved in those procedure and also considering the age of the patient. Thinking of taking second advice from a different cancer specialist.
Any advice would be appreciated.

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Ct scan and pancreatic cancer


Im 47 and from the UK. Im not sure if i should post this as i havent yet been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

Around a year ago i started getting mid back pains on and off. Then i noticed 6 months ago i also had back pain inbetween my shoulder blades continuously.

Around 4 months ago i started getting a pain just below my left ribs and also bad indigestion after a meal for a few hours. During this time my stools went light brown and I noticed undigested food in my b/m's.

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Lymphomatoid Granulamatosis

I have recently been diagnosed with grade III lymphomatoid granulamatosis (LYG), it is in both lungs. Pathology report also indicated diffuse large B cell lymphoma. I am a rare case. I am starting 6 rounds of chemo (R-CHOP) tomorrow. I am reaching out as there is not a lot of information online regarding LYG and I see the most recent time this was discussed in this forum was years ago. If anyone has had this in the past or know someone with it and has any suggestions regarding what worked or didn't work as far as treatment please let me know. Thanks in advance.

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Adenocarcinoma ex goblet cell carcinoid - signet type

Hi everyone - My mom was recently diagnosed with Stg III adenocarcinoma ex goblet cell carcinoid w/ signet type. Very rare and even more confusing. Mom had hemicolectomy and had 2/16 lymph nodes. The surgeon is recommending 6 months chemo.

Any appendix cancer specialists in the PA/DC/MD area?

Not sure what to expect with this diagnosis at this point. Anybody know or has experience with this type of CA?

My email is aew175@gmail.com. Any information appreciated! 

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cholangiocarcinoma/Bile duct cancer Chemo options


My name is Danbee and my Dad was diagnosed with Stage III cholangiocarcinoma July 2017.

They told him the tumor is too "long" to be completely removed so doctors planned to go through 3 months of chemo to hopefully "shrink" the tumor and go through 5 cycles of radiation/chemo together and then surgically remove it.

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Sacrum cancer

  Hi! MY name is Mike.

seslie johnson
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has anyone had this surgery


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