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Lung Cancer

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Mom diagnosed Stage 4 NSCLC with mets to brain, adrenal glands, liver and renal

My mom was diagnosed on May 4th with stage 4 non small cell lung cancer, poorly differentiated, adenocarcinoma. She has at least 15 mets in her brain in all the lobes, mets in her liver, adrenal glands and renal.  The primary tumor in her lung is 9.6 cm at its largest and it is invading the chest wall. she also has a smaller secondary tumor, same lung.  Left lung is clear. Its in her lympathic system - on same side of body.  Clearly its travelled through the blood to get to her brain.

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Hospitalization after Chemo - Stage IV lung cancer with bone metastasis

I was wondering if anyone else has had the same experiences I am having with my father. 71 year old male, former smoker (for 50 years). Diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer with bone metastasis (hip) in January 2017. Started chemo in March with the typical chemo side effects, nausea, vomitting, diarrhea, no appetite, fatigue, etc. 

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Upper Left Lobectomy

I actually had two surgeries, the first on April 7th which was supposed to just a wedge section from my left lung. Unfortunately because the tumor was so small 1.3 cm the surgeon missed the tumor. They tried a biopsy but couldn't get enough tissue to really determine the type of cancer. On April 15th I had my second surgery to remove the upper left lobe. I was in the hospital for 14 days. My cancer was very rare, non invasive Mucusom Cancer. I will have no further treatments just X-ray every 6 months.

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Stage IV Small Cell Lung Cancer Treatment Botched

On Mar 25 chest and abdomen CTs, checking something else, found a  lesion in the left lung, in the mediastinal lymph node, and numerous small ones in the liver and some bones.  The Dr was all, don't get stressed, it could be just a virus, and I told him nope, looks like stage IV lung cancer to me, and given that I had a clean chest CT just 5 months back, I'd bet on Small Cell.  Guess who was right.  6 days and blood tests, several kinds of MRIs, a couple or 3 types of CTs, including a whole body, and a PET scan later, we had single tumors in the left lung, mediastinal l

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Waiting on followup and scared to death

0n 4/2/17 I was at the ER for a kidney infection and a chest xray was ordered. I have been a smoker on and off for 19 years always having a clean chest xrays. The ER Doctor told me the radiologist had seen what may be a blood vessell issue but sent me home with nodule paperwork. My family is prone to cysts , lesion and tumors so of course im scared to death. There is a snippet from my xray report below..Mind you the severe and I do mean severe congestion I had in my chest was never mentioned on the repport at all.

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Praying for my Dad....Stage 4 Lung Cancer

Hello Everyone,

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Nodule found...

Hello.  My husband had a CT scan done yesterday.  One of the results was a small 5.1mm nodule (left lower lobe pulmonary nodule measure 5.1mm.  There is no free intraperitoneal air is what is listed on his discharge paper).

They want us to wait six months to do another CT scan.

I personally am thinking that we should test it now while it is small.

If it is cancerous, then we can treat it while it is small.  

If we wait till six months for another CT, then find out it is huge and cancerous, then we would have to go through chemo then surgery.

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Please give me something positive to look at

my dear mother has lung cancer that for the last two years seemed to be relatively contained but since her last radiotherapy treatment she now has growth in the primary tumour in her right lung, growth in the nodes of her left lung, they have now found spots in her liver, several across her lungs, its in the lymph nodes in her neck, I'm pretty sure it's now in the nodes in her armpit as she is complaining of pain there and another tumour in her basal ganglia, she didn't really like taking cannabis oil so didn't have a steady amount in her all the time but obviously now she wants to fight it

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systemic Chemo

anyone have any success on systemic chemo ???

or any opinions on it or opdivo immunotherapy ?

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Brain Radiation as a preventative measure


I was just told yesterday that I am in remission from my small cell lung cancer.  My Doctor wants me to have 10 radiation treatments to my brain as a preventative measure and I was just wondering if anyone has had this, how their experience was, I'm kind of torn if I want to get it or not.  Any feedback would be appreciated!  Thank you



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