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Lung Cancer

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Medicine or disease? Please help

My mother has Stage 3 lung cancer (Non-small cell carcinoma). Tumor started griwing into spine (T1 and T2) over the summer and caused radiating shoulder pain. Oncologist prescribed steroid - Decadron - 4x a day. She immediately experienced short- term memory loss and he said to ignore it as it was relieving pain (I disagreed). After complaints he started to wean her off and she was down to two a day last week.


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Lung Cancer as a secondary Cancer

Hello, A little about my story...


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My aunt has cancer and is rapidly losing weight

My aunt was recently diagnosed with stage 3A lung cancer. She has just started radiation and chemo. She recently moved in with me and my family because the hospital she is recieving treatment at is right up the street from my house. She is constantly sick (as to be expected) but she won't eat anything at all. I think she fears that if she eats something, she may throw it up immediately after.


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Difficult Oncologist


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Thoracic Surgeon in Upstate NY

I am looking for a thoracic surgeon in Upstate NY. Preferably in Albany NY. Any recommendations?



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International Uninsured patient

Hi All,


This is regarding my Mom currently in India. She is 62 years. She has Colon Cancer in 2009. Removed with surgery followed by Chemo. Was Cancer free for 5 years. In 2016 she was diagonised with cancer spread to Lungs. 

Again Chemo followed by Radiation. In Nov 2017 she complained about hip pain. PET scan showed cancer which has spread to bone and lung tumour with increase in size by 2 cms. Doctors said that Chemo is no longer working on her body and to try Immunotheraphy.

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Managing pain naturally after lobectomy

Thirty days ago I had left lower lobectomy due a 2.1cm tumor stage 1a.  The first week was mostly living hell for me, dry cough, mucus cough, sleepless, no appetite, and severe pain.  The pain is like a metal wire burning and cutting into my skin from stomach, below left breast, all the way to the back. The medicine my doc prescribed helped some but the pain still kept me from moving around or sleeping.  I’m always sensitive to any medicine and hate those side effects.

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Promising approach

As I am waiting to read the full text, I would like to share this:
Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) is becoming a reliable approach for molecular profiling and treatment decision for non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) patients. At least one genetic alteration was found in 78% of the patients. 23% patients showed mutations for which approved (ALK, EGFR, ROS1) or emerging (BRAF, ERBB2, MET, RET) targeted therapies exist.
The details are here: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/29130105

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Query on how to help my mother after her lobectomy

My mother is a 55 year old woman who after beating colorectal cancer (surgery and chemo) she now has lung cancer. She undergoes a lobectomy for the right upper lobe on Thursday and she will begin chemo at a later date. I have cooked meals in advance and taken a semester off of school (second year medical student). While I am fully informed of the proceure process etc I would like some advice from someone who has had this surgery on what I can do to help her. I read that certain types of pillows to help position her in bed and certain breathing exercises help the recovery.

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chemo and indoor waterpark

I will have my second chemo on Thursday. 6 days later for Thanksgiving, I'm supposed to go to an indoor water park for 2.5 days. I know not to go swimming. But any thoughts on the warm humid air? Thanks.


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