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Colorectal Cancer

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Liver Enzymes - Anecdotal thoughts

The question re controlling/lowering Liver Enzymes has been coming up frequently lately.

My Integrative Med specialist at Sloan Kettering was concerned.  She put me on Milk Thistle twice a day (started at 150 mg (1 capsule) twice a day; after a week, increased to 300 mg  twice a day.)  Saw limited improvement, but she upped me to 3 capsules in the morning, 2 at night.  Better counts, still slightly high.

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Is there any suffered on hernia while on treatment

One after another, and I am only on my second treatment tomorrow!! I have this lower back pain on my right side since yesterday after did some light cleaning in one room. Then my abdomen started to hurt me, then constant burping!! I am still in pain right now. Just waiting to doctor clinic's office hour. I have to see my doctor before my treatment tomorrow. I hope I don't need to go through any surgery. Oh, Lord, help me please :(

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Raised bumps on Port stitch line

Hello all - For those who have had a port for their chemo - has anyone had pimple-like bumps form on the stitch line.  I had one form (told probably embedded stitch), now another has popped up further along stitch line.  Now I have two bumps.  Sometimes they look more red - and if they are stitches, why do they not grow out.  Had port inserted last Sept - first bump appeared about 2 mos after insertion, and this second one just recently.  Wish they would heal or work themselves out if they are stitches.

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Blood on surface of stool and very weird stool shape (help!)

Hi everyone,

I am Robert. In the past year, I found several times bright red blood stripe the one side surface of my stool. I went to see a doctor for this. The doctor did sigmoidoscopy and found nothing. As bleeding continued (not so often, about two to three continuous days per month), I went to see doctor again. This time he gave a anoscopy and found hemorrhoids.

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Radio Active Bead Therapy on

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No Adjuvant Chemo

My 17 year old niece , got operated for Stage 4B colon cancer last month. She is not taking adjuvanct chemo as advised by doctors as they are not guaranteeing anything even after chemo. Surgery went well , she is quite active now. I want to know if there are similar cases with no adjuvant chemo? Thank you

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Still have neuropathy from Folfox/Oxy chemo

Hi, I am new to the forum, I was diagnosed Nov 2015 with a tumor in the rectum. Had 28 traditions, 6 weeks of 24/7 chemo, surg resection of tumor with temp illiostomy (for 12 weeks) then take down, then 12 sessions of Folfox/Oxy plus others that I don't remember currently.  I had many of challenges others have experienced and detailed here on the forum. I still have to manage my BMs with diet and OTC Immodium. I also have quit a bit of neuropathy in my feet...both have the feeling of numbness, similar to how your mouth would feel after visiting the dentist.

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Today we meet with the new oncologist *update*

my husband's old oncologist was just awful. He called us names, I was nervous wife because I cried once when he had a PET scan show a recurrence, and he was a moron because he opted to not do chemo first time around. 

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What food to eat while on chemo therapy

I wonder if there's any limitations on what food to eat while on chemo therapy. Some says avoid red meat, eat vegetables rich in protein since our body needs energy while we're under treatment. Anyone's opinions and advices are appreciated....

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Really scared, Can't see a gastro for nearly two months

Hi,  My name is Venny as you can already tell.

I am currently suppose to go in to see my gastro due to blood in my stool, along with pain in my side and other various minor things--This started to crop up late last year, but my gastro at the time said it was nothing to worry about due to my rather sensitive stomach. Then skip to this year, and the same issues are cropping up again. Including bad heartburn that i'm on omperazole for. The doctors suspect I may merely have an ulcer or one thats starting, but all the symptoms I'm experiencing seem to perfectly line up with cancer...


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