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Colorectal Cancer

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Scan Results On It Is Back - Growing and Spreading

Lymph nodes increasing in size and starting to pop up in other places throughout the lung.

Guessing no chemo yet (meet with Oncologist next week), thinking I go another scan or two before that happens.


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Physical restrictions with a chest port?

What can’t you do with a chest port?

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Scan today

Good morning all,

I hope everyone is doing well with this fight. I have my yearly scope this morning.

My journey started on May 2004. I was diagnosed with stage ll. Had 6 months chemo. Had a reversal of my bag. Had a recurrance in Jan 2009, just need surgery.

Thru the years I have faced many healh issues, but have always remained positive. My faith in God and my doctors have gotten me thru this so far.

Please keep the faith, stay the course and Never,Ever give up !!!

God blees and Merry Christmas

Warm regards


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Advice to self of yesteryears!

I was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer in April 2012. If the person I am now could speak to who I was then, what would I say? 

It is an interesting question to contemplate. What advice could I give to me, to help make coping easier? What wisdom could I share that would guide and comfort me through the tougher days?

When I think about this more I tend to really appreciate this site. So many people shared Their wisdom with me. And they where me in the sense that they had already survived what I was going through. 

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Advice on food ideas for husband please!

I am struggling with what to do for nutrition for my husband.  I normally cook pretty regularly as we are a family of 5.  My dh just had his second FOLFOX with Avastin added today.  Since his last treatment he has lost 4lbs.  Might not seem like much, but he is already very skinny.  He's down to 159lbs and is 6ft tall.  He is eating but just small amounts and with his cold sensitivity I'm having a hard time with what to offer him for extra calories.  My first thought was smoothies or milkshakes, but he can't do the cold stuff or even room temperature.  So any suggestions?

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Is anyone able to work during chemotherapy

I am just wondering if anyone works during chemotherapy. Granted, I am still recovering from my first surgery, but I am only two infusions in, and even just taking a shower exhausts me.

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Follow up appointment more confusing than anything

originally she told us 4 treatments, scan, surgery, the rest of treatments. Then it became 6 treatments, scan, surgery, the remaining 6. Now it's well it shrunk so much let's do 4 more treatments scan again, then consider surgery, but maybe finish all 12 treatments surgery,then done. Can I say how much not having an exact plan, or being left with uncertainty is killing me with worry.

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Good news--touching base

Hi friends:

I have been off the board for a few months, but thought I would visit with some good news.

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Results and a blood clot

i only have the results because they called about the blood clot. I guess he has a clot in the catheter? I am guessing port, since thats the only thing he has in his body? Has anyone ever had this? His tumor shrank from 3.8 to 2.5 cm so now we see if he can have surgery. I will know more in the morning, blood thinners start tonight. 

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Scan today results tomorrow

I was not overly worried until his latest CEA result came into his chart. He started chemo at 14.7, one month in was 8.2 and today one month later is 8.7. I know .5 is not horrible I know this in my rational thinking mind, but in my crazy go off the rails with worry wife mode I am certain the scan will show no change and he won't be able to get a resection. I am useless now, glad I was productive this morning. 


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